22 November 2017

October in pictures, part 1

So in light of me trying to revive my blog I thought I would try and start doing my monthly roundup of portraits. I like to do this because otherwise I feel guilty that I have this huge amount of portraits that I really like, just sitting there on my computer not doing anything. I also love to look back at the end of the year (like now) and see it all neat and in order so I can remember what it was we did that month. I really am going to try and keep this up! I promise! 

But here was the start of October, still warm enough for no coats and after school walks before the evenings shortened. The start of that amazing Autunmal light, fallen leaves and conker and sweet chestnut hunting. Warm weekend walks and cosy days inside. October, you're always stealing my heart! 

14 November 2017

A family walk : Weston part two

Oh winter is coming around pretty quickly isn't it? Why is it that those transitional seasons seem to be over so quickly when Summer and Winter seem to just drag on. But I thought I would celebrate the upcoming cold months with some forgotten photographs from last year, just a few days into the New Year and from a very cold but beautiful winter beach at Weston. 

I'm trying my hardest to revive this poor little blog, and I really need to dedicate some time to it, so I'm going through my drafts and trying to finish all those half written posts! It may not be chronological, but sometimes I like having that flash of remembrance and to look back. 

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