28 June 2017

Postcards from Kent

A few weeks back we made the annual journey over to my sisters for her birthday. We spent a few days doing what you should whilst there; a trip to the seaside for evening fish and chips, picnics and sprinklers in the garden, walking through fields of crops (we weren't quite wild or brave enough to run through the wheat field though!) and stopping at country pubs nestled in chocolate box villages.

20 June 2017

A Mother and Baby session

I'm so excited to share this session I shot at the weekend! I just feel pretty happy that I finally pushed myself to take the plunge and try this whole being a photographer thing.

So on a baking hot Saturday I travelled a short distance to visit my friend Nancy and her sweet 10 week old, Arlo. The setting couldn't have been more perfect, a shady wandering garden, with secret spots in dappled sunlight. We spent an hour or two talking, catching up and of course snapping a few photographs. I definitely didn't feel like working, and I hope that all my shoots can be this relaxing!

Hope you like them as much as I do!

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