21 September 2016

Creating our dream pet with Pet Plan!

When it comes to pets I think we're fairly well covered, we have a cat and two rabbits and family who all have dogs. Theo loves our pets, but definitely needs reminding that he needs to be a bit gentler at times, as he does like to cuddle perhaps a little too tightly! I can't imagine not having our little pets around, as they're a proper part of our family. We got Alma when Theo was about 6 months old, and she's only a few months younger than him so I like that they are growing up together, and our rabbits were our latest addition last year! When we moved house a few years ago during those important first few weeks Alma somehow got out of the house and then must have become slightly confused and started visiting another family (lured in by tinned tuna nonetheless!) for a week or two until we finally managed to get her back. It was so strange not to have her in the house, and her presence was definitely missed. It's funny how much of an impact these furry little creatures have in our lives and we want to do everything we can to protect them!

So when Petplan’s Pet Insurance got in contact and asked if Theo would like to have a go at creating his dream pet, to have transformed into a cuddly toy all for him, we thought it was a great idea! Theo hasn't always been into drawing so when given the opportunity to try and encourage that I always jump at the chance. He's recently been obsessed with Harry Potter, and he wanted to design his very own owl so he could have owl post sent to him. We tried to encourage him to be as imaginative as possible and suggested it could have special features, but I think he wanted it to be as real to life as it could. I was so impressed with his little drawing, it looks like such a friendly (if not slightly startled) owl!

09 September 2016

The story of bees

A few years back I heard the quote "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" and I loved it so much that I used it on the packets of wildflower seeds we gave as favours at our wedding. Because to me it gives me hope and something to believe in for the future.

For us nature is a huge part of our every day, and I've always been as keen as possible to show Theo how important it is, by teaching him the names of trees, flowers, birds and insects and the important part they play in our everyday. Living in a city where perhaps wild landscapes are harder to come across, this seems even more important. Nothing makes us happier as a family as heading out of the city for the day and going on long walks through the woods, or finding wild spots nestled in the city for a breath of fresh air. Thankfully Theo does seem to have a great natural interest in it all, and loves to go hunting for bugs and ask questions about how things work. I'm also really happy that he's interested in the work of bees and it's been really great seeing him learn the job that bees do and how we can help them.

That's why I was delighted when Taylor's got in touch and asked whether we'd like to work with them to help promote the bee's humble story. They've created the most amazing real life bee hotel, all to the theme of Wes Andersons Grand Budapest Hotel, to provide the bees with a beautiful place to hang out sampling the best flavours from nature. Just take a look at their mini film and see for yourself how amazing it is!

05 September 2016

A Rohan update

I've wanted to write an update for a while, before my mind starts to forget all the little moments that I try and hold onto before they disappear in a blur of the summer ending and the months passing. It's been quite a while since my last little update on the baby boy.

In truth I just haven't had time for the blog, I feel like we've been so busy over the past few months that it's just been left. But I feel like I'm getting to the point where I have so many thoughts and feelings going on that I need somewhere to spill them out onto before the come out in other ways.

The truth is I feel like I'm just about holding it together with all that is going on, all that has happened and all that may be about to happen. But the worry has started to creep back in and I'm realising I don't have much capacity for anything else, or as selfish as it sounds, other people's problems. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that actually I'm still not really letting things sink in, I'm avoiding it and trying to pretend that everything is normal. I can't admit to myself yet that things are not what we hoped and I still hold onto that "why me, why us" feeling. The grief and mourning what we should have had is still very real. Everytime I see a picture of a family of four, with a seemingly (I know that actually sometimes things aren't always the way they appear and I don't know what may be going on) healthy baby or a baby of Rohan's age in everyday life I get pangs of jealousy, of thinking why us and not them and it's horrible. It just haunts me and I still can't actually believe that all this has happened to us. My family, immediate and extended, just seems to be constantly getting knocked down, runs of bad things happening which leads me to ask, "what did we do so wrong to deserve all this?". I know it doesn't work like that, but in general you know, we're good people, hold (what I believe!) to be good values and morals, we're kind, we hold no judgements against people different from us and strive for a better world. I don't hate anyone and I do really try to lead a fairly positive life, so I just don't know how or why this has happened to us.  (This in no way means that I think people who go through these sorts of things or worse are bad people who deserve it, that's definitely not what I think!) The hardest part of it all is that there is no answer to that question, it's just "one of those things", some people are lucky and some occasionally lose that lottery. I'm just a little sick of it always seeming to happen to us. I know that actually compared to some we are lucky, we have more than others and for that I should be thankful, and believe me, if this has done anything it has opened my eyes to a whole other world where yes, we are lucky and I do have things to be thankful for. I just wish I never had to see.
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