29 July 2016

My summer skincare and make up favourites

So Summer is finally here, well sort of it was, for a week and there's nothing like a new season to send me off to the shops in search of new colour palettes, make-up and skin care. Add that to the fact we've got two weddings coming up which is always a great excuse to pick up some new items for my collection.

I've not got a huge make up selection, and most of it does tend to be drugstore as much as I would love to be able to afford higher end, I just can't. But that being said there are still some great products to use. The change in seasons usually plays havoc with my skin, and all this humid weather definitely doesn't help the condition of my skin so I do try and keep my make up light, and my skin well hydrated. I've been trying out these new products from Green People, which are part of their new Organic and scent free product range specially for sensitive skin. Perfect for me then! I always love Green People products as I can guarantee that they won't be harmful for my skin, and full of great ingredients.  I've been trying the Light day moisturiser and the Sensitive hydrating serum specifically. I've only really just started to take my skincare routine seriously, but from just reading some of the benefits of using the serum and the moisturiser I was excited to try them out. I've always suffered with eczema, and whilst in recent years luckily it has seemed to calmed down on my face, I still like to know the products I'm using aren't going to irritate my skin and actually the natural ingredients providing extra benefits that other less natural products wouldn't. So after using these for the past few weeks I can say that I'm really happy with them, the moisturiser is light and absorbs really well and my skin feels soft and hydrated all day. The serum goes on so easily and you only have to use a small amount. I love knowing that I've got really good ingredients going on my face, even if the rest of my make up isn't quite as natural.

Other than skin care I've been loving trying out a few new lipsticks, or rather lip products as I've been after something that stays put on my lips. I love the matte look so have found the Sleek lipgloss and No.7 lip crayon work really well. I've also been trying to embrace the world of bronzer and contour, and have joined the grown up world of finally investing in some decent brushes too! The others are just a few of my make up bag staples, easy to use, affordable with good results.

Items from clockwise:

Green People light day moisturiser // Green People sensitive hydrating serum // Benefit Gimme Brow // Max Factor Creamy blush in Soft pink // Real Techniques expert face brush and sculpting brush // No 7 Matte lip crayon in Raspberry red // Max factor skin luminizer // Mac retro matte in All fired up // Sleek matte lipgloss // Benefit Roller lash // Benefit Hoola bronzer // Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair  // 17 Eyeshadow Palette in Birthday suit  

25 July 2016

Strawberry picking near Bristol!

Last weekend we decided that we'd better go Strawberry picking before it got too late in the season, like last year. It was the harbourside festival on in Bristol, and neither Rob or I had any intention of dragging two children down there (I'm sure it's ace but crowds and business isn't our thing!) so getting out of the city was appealing. We drove to a place that we've been going to for the past three years, (you can see our first trip here...look how little Theo looks!) so it's nice to have some sort of tradition. It's called Chosen Hill farm near Chew Valley lake. The drive over itself is beautiful as you round the valley the get stunning views back down towards the lake and hills in the distance.

It feels sort of special to be slowly introducing our family traditions to Rohan, bringing him along and showing him all these new places. Obviously he's only a baby so isn't really aware of where we are or what we're doing, but it's nice to think he's joining in! These are the things we looked forward to most of all when thinking about having another baby, and especially once Rohan was actually here but in hospital. It felt like such an unknown future, not knowing when we'd be able to get back to our normal lives and start doing all these traditional things as a family. So it's days like these that we soak up even more and revel in the ability to actually be able to achieve those outings and experiences. It may not seem like much, but to us it means so much!

Anyway, this year we went a little wild with the amount of strawberries we collected, and like an over excited kid in a sweet shop we took them up to pay and were a little surprised at how much we'd spent! So armed with our 3kgs of strawberries we heaved them home and decided to try our hand at making jam for the first time. Theo, after helping to make it, then decided that he wanted to give some jars as a goodbye gift to his teachers which I thought was a very sweet idea!

So here's to another year of strawberry picking!

19 July 2016

When you feel like you're failing

I woke up in the middle of the night the other night, and after trying to some what unsuccessfully feed Rohan I lay awake annoyed and unable to get back to sleep. My mind was just whirring with so many thoughts which were mainly, as so often they are, about all the things I needed to do or thought I should've done. I woke up the next morning (after finally falling asleep!) feeling a bit like I'm failing and with a to do list as long as my arm. I know I shouldn't put this pressure on myself, and that actually what we have on our plate is enough already but somehow it makes me feel like I need to be doing more.

Like this blog for example, I love this little space and really want to use it to document our journey, write out silly thoughts and share photographs of our adventures and I feel like it's been somewhat neglected over the past few months. I don't want to give it up, and whilst I know it's never going to be my career or a money maker (not that I want it to be) I feel like I'm somehow letting my readers down, putting off people who would want to possibly work with me and generally being behind on any projects I've agreed to do or want to do. I know it's not really a big deal but this blog has been here since the beginning, before Theo was born and all the way through. It's helped me immensely get through different things, and I just feel like I'm way too invested to stop writing.
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