24 May 2016

Summer wishlist

Clockwise from left: Kimono - M&S // Headscarf - Zara // Striped t-shirt - COS // Rose-gold Saltwater sandals - Toast // Scarlett of Soho frames - Glasses Direct // Shirtdress - Monki // Broderie blouse - M&S // Clarks Originals Dusty Soul sandals - Clarks // Denim skirt - Topshop

So seeing as the warmer weather sort of seems to be arriving I've been doing a little bit of online window shopping and I thought I'd share with you some of my finds!

12 May 2016

Home alone

So I've been thinking a little recently about this and thought it was probably best to write about it and process it this way.

Last week I had a little bit of a bad day, the type of day where you're in a bad mood for no reason and just feel helpless and don't know how to shake yourself out of the slump. It was a lovely day weather wise which in a way sort of made it worse as I felt a pressure (is this weird?) to make the most of the sunshine and warmth where in actual fact I didn't really want to do anything.

I think the main thing was, was that I felt a bit lonely and a little bored. When Rohan was born and in hospital Rob was lucky enough to be able to be off from work and then have his paternity leave when Rohan was home. We spent 9 weeks together, and having each others company. I mean I'm not going to lie and say there weren't times when I wanted to be on my own but actually it was pretty good having someone there and having company with someone who you feel so comfortable with and is in the same situation as you are. Then since he went back to work I had been so busy each week with hospital appointment or health professionals visiting that it felt like I didn't really have to plan to do anything with my days. The days that we weren't at appointments were just spent doing all the other bits I needed to do like shopping etc.

I joked a while back that my only social life was with the doctors and health professionals, and actually I think that was true, and in a way I felt quite comfortable with that. Being in the hospital environment and with people who knew about Rohan's condition was actually a relief, not having to explain why he has tubes, or casts or feeling like people are wondering what is wrong with him. Then suddenly last week, after a busy previous day of appointments, I had nothing planned. I felt like I wanted to go for a walk but actually didn't really want to go for a walk aimlessly by myself. I didn't want to go and wander around another shopping centre and spend money on things just because I was bored. I sort of felt like I'd left it too late to arrange to meet up with anyone and it all just ended up making me grumpy and feeling a little helpless.

10 May 2016

07 May 2016

Reviewing the Pacapod Lewis change bag!

Over the past month or so we've been trying out the Pacapod Lewis change bag. Since Rohan came home from hospital and we were faced with having to cart around a lot more equipment than we were with Theo it became pretty obvious that we would need something a little better than my backpack with some nappies and a spare change of clothes chucked in. 

I've been using a backpack as an everyday bag for a while now as I just can't get on with shoulder bags very well, I like to have my hands free and find they just get in the way a little. So we were searching for a change bag that also doubled as a backpack too and were so happy to find this one. I love that you can use it with two straps on your back, or for those who do prefer an over the shoulder bag it can be easily converted with one long strap. It also has clips to attach it to the pushchair handle which is handy. I love the design of the bag as it doesn't instantly look like a change bag, but is made out of a really durable material, that's wipe clean so is perfect for use with a baby and family life and vegan leather I might add! 

01 May 2016

The baby years

So you may have noticed that it's been a little quiet around here, mainly just because we've been pretty busy and also because I've had a little revamp of the old blog design and am having to iron out a few problems (switching platforms is a little annoying!)

This meant I had to go through some old posts and got a little emotional about a few things. Firstly I just can't believe how grown up Theo has suddenly become, how the baby years have all but slipped away and those days seem so long ago. I watched the little flipagram I made just before Rohan was born of our last year together just as a three and it made me cry big fat tears. It's like mourning another life, and I miss those days so much. I know we've got lots of amazing times to come but it just feels like it so quickly all flashes past your eyes and Theo's babyhood has well and truly finished. He spends most of his days in someone else's care and I just miss my little mate. I miss the adventures we went on together, that time to just be devoted to him.
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