17 April 2016

13 April 2016

Giveaway: Win A Trunki and a family day pass to The Wildplace Project Bristol!

A few weeks ago we were invited on a little day out to The Wildplace project with the wonderful Trunki as part of their ongoing campaign to help raise money for a brand new giraffe house. There we were met by the team and introduced to their newest member of the Trunki family, Gerry the Giraffe. We were there to learn a little more about the conservation work that the zoo is involved in and why they've teamed up with Trunki to help raise the money for the giraffe house. With every sale of Gerry the Giraffe, £5 is donated to the zoo to help raise money for the conservation work for giraffes in the wild. 

11 April 2016

Reviewing the Bugaboo Cameleon

So it's been nearly six weeks since Rohan has been home, and it was surprising how easy it all became so normal again. Before we were discharged properly from hospital we were allowed to take Rohan out for little day trips, which meant we were finally able to use our pushchair. I don't know why this was such a momentous occasion, but the first time we laid him down in the carrycot and wheeled him through the hospital ward it all just suddenly felt better. We had our baby with us, and just pushing him along the street felt so momentous but so normal at the same time. 

Since we've got home we've been getting used to having a baby around again, and that means re-adjusting to having all the equipment and paraphernalia that come with a baby. We generally keep the pushchair in the boot of the car where it fits in nicely (We don't have much space in our house even for a small pushchair!) Our boot is pretty spacious, but if we have more items to fit in the boot too we take off the back wheels and collapse the carry cot and it all condenses really well. I find it pretty easy to take it in and out of the boot, and can lift it with one hand as well as set it up. The beauty of the bugaboo is that you can just lift the handlebar and the frame folds out for you, it then locks into place when you put the carrycot/seat unit/car seat on the frame. Even though you then have to remove the seat to fold it again, it's so quick and easy it doesn't matter.

07 April 2016

A Rohan update

So I thought I would finally get round the writing a little update on this sweet little face! I haven't really written much about what has been going on since we brought him home about five weeks ago. I can't actually believe he's three months old. How did that happen?

05 April 2016

Spring favourites with Green people

 Spring is a bad time for my purse. The change in the season, and especially the transition between the colder months to the warm always make me want to have a complete overhaul of my clothes and beauty products and freshen up. Add having just recently having a baby to that list and finally being able to fit into normal clothes again and it all gets a little expensive. Even so I thought I would do a little round up of somethings that have caught my eye and some things that may have made their way into my possession...

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