21 March 2016

Breast is best?

So seeing as this is a hot topic at the moment, thanks to Mr. Jamie Oliver, I thought I would write a little about my feeding experience and the way I'm feeling now. 

So whilst I agree that if possible breast-breastfeeding is best for you and your baby, that it can actually be an enjoyable experience and can be heck of alot easier (I've now experienced both sides) then that's all great. I think the problem with this whole Jamie comment is that it's making a very generalising sweep of people who are not breastfeeding, labelling them all perhaps as uneducated rather than simply unable to, or those who have made an educated decision not to. Whilst I agree that our attitudes towards breastfeeding still need to change, it needs to be normalised in the public eye and be seen as an option for everyone, not just the 'middle classes'. What isn't great is someone telling you what you should be doing without taking situation into account, however much they are trying to help. Especially if that person telling you is a man. 

15 March 2016

A family walk: Mother's day

So it was my first Mother's day as a mother of two. For the past few years we've ventured to Wales to celebrate with my friend and her little boy and go on a lovely Spring walk around St.Fagans. We were all set to go but last minute train problems stopped our plans so we made a last minute decision to visit Prior Park in Bath instead. It was a nice little unexpected alternative and actually good to discover somewhere new to explore. The weather was bitingly cold with the sky heavy and little flurries of snow occasionally, but it was worth it for the views as we climbed to the top of the park and the fresh air to blow out the cobwebs.

Our Mother's day celebrations weren't that grand, but they were loving, which is all that matters. I got a homemade card from Theo, a tray of chocolates and some Lush bath bombs, but mainly I was thankful to be able to spend the day out with both my children. That and a lie in!

07 March 2016

The first week at home

It's been just over a week since we've been home from hospital and we're still trying to get our heads around this new routine. Seven weeks of going to and from the hospital, leaving Rohan behind every time became our new normal. We missed that babymoon time of not leaving the house, or even the bed for days just getting to know our new arrival. Yes we got to sleep uninterrupted in the night, well apart from me waking up to express in the middle of the night, but we spent long days at the hospital getting home to pick Theo up, and often taking him back to the hospital with us. It passed in a bit of a blur, but at the time was our new normal.

Now we have to learn a completely new normal, filled with less sleep and a lot more to organise. So even though Rohan was off oxygen and any breathing help for over a week before we left hospital, they felt that because of a sleep study that he had done, that he would need to be back on it for when we got home. This meant the nasal canulas went back in and we had air tanks delivered to our house. He also has a sats monitor to be attached to constantly, as well as a portable one for when we go out the house. He still has his NG feeding tube and with that comes all the syringes, tubes and testing equipment needed to feed him this way. We also try to feed him a little orally with a bottle, which he does take, but that means sterilising too. He is fed on a 3 hourly schedule which we have to work all our outings around. I am also still expressing breast milk, which I am supposed to do about 3 hourly also. He also has medication he needs twice a day. Add that all to various health professionals visiting us at home, deliveries of supplies and equipment, phone calls for appointments and visits back to hospital, it's fair to say we've not had a quiet week. On top of all that it's been our first week back at home properly, so we needed to do some serious sorting out, washing, food shopping and cleaning, as well as you know wanting to go places with our new baby, the school run and entertaining Theo. Oh and our boiler broke, and my car was due an MOT and service. 

01 March 2016

When you never think it will happen to you, part three

So here we are, I've not updated the blog in so long as it's just been too much to find the time to sit down and write my thoughts. Also because sometimes writing down those thoughts and naming things can be a little scary. As if seeing it written down on a page makes it all the more real. But real it all is. 

So Rohan is seven weeks old and we're finally home, something I can tell you I didn't think was ever going to happen any time soon. Seven weeks of going back and forth to the hospital everyday is hard, really hard. It took its toll on all of us, and our lives were sort of on hold. I could see that it was really starting to affect Theo, his moods were a little all over the place and he was becoming quite angry at times and finding it difficult at school. It made me feel awful having to split that time between the two of them, not being able to be there fully for either. I also know that Theo just really wanted Rohan home, and was so excited about being a brother and wanting to show him off. When we've picked him up from school or gone anywhere with Rohan and him he brings people over to show him "his baby brother". He's taken so much of Rohans condition in his stride and actually hasn't really questioned the fact that he's got a tube coming out of his mouth and oxygen. I think growing up with it being normal for us is really going to help him and us all, and I really hope he understands that Rohan is going to be different, but that hopefully that's ok.

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