30 January 2016

Finding the perfect pushchair: Bugaboo Cameleon3

This is a post I've been meaning to write for a while, and actually started before Rohan was born, and is on one of my favourite subjects...pushchairs. I do love a good buggy and having a nose when it comes to finding out what pushchair someone has chosen for their new arrival. So I thought I would talk you through the journey and selection process we went through in choosing our pushchair. 
But as you all probably know, Rohan is still in hospital. We've yet to do those first little milestones such as our first trip out as a family, a walk to the park or even the school run. And whilst obviously Rohan's health is the most important thing and we know he's in the best place, I still get pangs of jealousy and longing to be pushing my own buggy around and showing off my new baby. When we're in hospital with him I don't seem to notice, but as soon as I step out the building without my baby I feel like something is missing. Doing little things like walking to school, to the doctors or round the supermarket feel significantly odd without having a baby with me to carry or push. I've not pushed a pushchair in over two years now but somehow now it feels as though something is missing without it. So we have our lovely pushchair all ready and waiting at home, and all we want is for Rohan to be home so we can complete our little family and finally have those little moments and trips out like other families. 

But anyway, I thought I would put together a little of how we came to a decision on which pushchair to get and what we looked for in one. 

14 January 2016

Welcoming Rohan Emil

So he's here. I'm sure most of you may have been following along on Instagram or facebook, but I thought I would share here a little more about welcoming our sweet Rohan into the world. (Just also to clarify, his name is pronounced like Rowan, just spelt a little differently!) 
I thought I would try and write down how we welcomed our little Rohan into the world, whilst it's still a little fresh in my mind. These last few days have been such a blur of information and emotion that sometimes it's easy to forget I gave birth only a week ago. 

Last week I woke up feeling like things couldn't go on for much longer. The Christmas holidays were just about over and Theo was going back to school. All day Monday and Tuesday I had stitch like pains down my bump and somehow I just knew that things wouldn't hold on for too much longer. On Wednesday, after a bath to soothe my aching bump I had a sudden urge to go to the shops and buy a few last minute items for my hospital bag, and manically rechecked it all when I got home. I'd like to say I felt ready, but the last month or so of the pregnancy just flew by and it hadn't really sunk in that I was full term, and probably wouldn't get any bigger and that indeed the pregnancy was very nearly over. When I was pregnant with Theo it felt like an age to get to full term and here I was at 39 weeks not really feeling like it was really the end, but also feeling like there was no way I could possibly be pregnant for another three weeks or so. 

04 January 2016

So that was Christmas

So it's over, yesterday we took down the tree and cleared out the house ready for the new year that is so suddenly upon us. For some reason this year I just didn't feel all that Christmassy. It may have been the weather has been unusually warm and there were none of those crisp bustley days with hands wrapped round steaming cups of hot chocolate. Perhaps because Theo was in school and the weeks and weekends whizzed by until Christmas week was suddenly upon us, or perhaps it was because we had too many other things to actually think about, post Christmas. 

02 January 2016

Just the three of us

So this may well be the last photo of the three of us. To be fair I'm pretty sure its only one of a handful of photos of us as a three as I'm usually the one behind the camera...and my god I hate being in front of it! But on Boxing day around Rob's parents we had a little photo session of the family so of course it was a great opportunity to get a proper photograph of us all together. I'm much more a fan of the candid shot, and my face seemed to ruin most of the shots but we managed to get one or two...

 But then looking back on them it hit me, in a week or two our family is going to be changed forever. I know that lots of people say that once the new baby arrives you can't remember what it was ever like before they were there but I just feel like it's been so long, just the three of us. For nearly five years we've watched Theo grow into the boy he is today, and whilst technically our family hasn't grown in size, it's grown in so many ways. We've navigated being young parents with not much to our name, no experience of family life or friends in similar situations. We've got married, we managed (with help!) to buy our first home all the while juggling everything that life and parenthood throws at you. I'd say we've been pretty lucky so far, with lots of support from family and friends. We've been on some great adventures and had some great opportunities, been in good health and I hope have given Theo a lovely childhood so far. One which will shape him as he continues to grow and learn and adapt to the world around him.

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