30 November 2015

Nine favourite children's books for Christmas!

So over the year I see lots of books that I love, and whilst we do slowly add a few to Theo's collection, Christmas is really the time when I love to be able to stock up and indulge in adding quite a few more. For me there is nothing better than unwrapping a fresh new book and flipping through the pages and taking in all the beautiful illustrations or photography and getting excited to immerse myself in a new story. I hope that Theo shares that joy too, and that we can encourage that. He is a book lover, and we have heard from his time at nursery and school that he would often take himself off to a quiet place and spend a long time looking at books, which is something that I love! Now that he's also starting to read it's great to be able to pick out some old favourites and start to look at reading them together.

17 November 2015

A pregnancy update, of sorts

So it always seems that about a week before a hospital appointment my mind starts going into overdrive with worries and questions. Perhaps it's just because it's been awhile since I've had reassurance and any information from medical staff, and because we've probably been having to give answers to people that we're not actually 100% on ourselves.

 I'm just about 32 weeks. That means there's only 8 weeks to go. We were told at our last hospital appointment that I wouldn't be allowed to go overdue, but can wait for natural labour to start before that point. I have a small feeling that the baby will make an appearance early, but I don't know if that is just paranoia (please don't come too early baby, we need you to be big and strong!) and worry making me think this way. After all Theo was a week overdue and to be honest I think he could have stayed in there a week longer if it was up to him (a stretch and sweep seemed to get him going sooner than he would have liked I think).

13 November 2015

My maternity winter wardrobe must haves!

1 - Ankle boots / 2 - Drop shoulder jacket / 3 - Mama Jyms / 4 - Striped dress / 5 - Slippers / 6 - Maternity tights / 7 - Woollen bobble hat

 I'm longing for the colder weather to arrive, it's been so mild and it puts me all out of sorts. I have yet to reach for my winter coat or hat and its a little disconcerting. I know once the cold weather does arrive I will be longing for these slightly warmer days, but for now all I want is to see my breath on chilly, bright and clear mornings whilst I'm wrapped up in ALL the layers.

09 November 2015

A family walk : A devon woodland

A few weeks during half term Theo and I adventured down to Devon once more for a mini break. As always it came at a time when I really needed to escape the city and all the stresses that we had been going through and just relax and be by the nurturing sea.

Theo had been tired, the first term of school taking its toll on him, and me too. The new routine, full days and everything he is filling his brain with was showing. We didn't plan much but we did manage to get out the house one afternoon for a little walk in a woodland near by. In the middle of houses lies this little hidden trail following a small stream down the valley. The ground was littered with golden Hazel leaves and we foraged for left over hazelnuts. We carried on our walk stumbling upon a mini waterfall and walked through tunnels of autumn colour.

 It was just a great reminder that no matter how small or short, getting out for a walk always does your soul the world of wonders.

05 November 2015

An evening with Nomads Clothing

A few weeks ago (yes I'm very behind!) I ventured out into the darkening evening to catch a train into the centre of Bristol. It's a pretty rare occurrence that I leave the house after dark, but this was for a special occasion. I had been invited to a lovely evening hosted by Nomads clothing, in the ever wonderful Harts Bakery nestled under the arches of Temple Meads station. I arrived to a warm welcome and had a catch up with other blogging friends, and was finally able to put some names to faces of lovely ladies I'd not had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh before!

The evening was cosy and warm and celebrated beautiful ethical clothing as well as crafts and delicious food. What more could you want?! A rail showcasing a sample of the high quality clothing available from Nomads drew me in and I couldn't help but touch all the beautiful organic cotton clothes and swoon over the hand block printed loungewear on offer. I did fall in love with this dress, but alas my ever expanding stomach wouldn't allow me to fit into it, so instead I settled for this gorgeous kimono which I've been obsessed with and is a great transitional piece.

 As the evening wore on I managed to sample the delicious Moroccan inspired food, as well as try my hand at making my own pom pom bag tassel as well as lust over several of the items on display from Directors Notebook.

 I had a great evening, and was very inspiring to be surrounded by such beautiful and ethical products, and especially to chat to the designer Niki Groom about the inspiration for many of the pieces as well as have my portrait drawn by her!
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