28 April 2015

Win a Trunki!

win a trunki
win a trunki

Hola from Barcelona! We've arrived and made our flight safely and have spent the day hanging out and recovering. I feel slightly exhausted from all my travelling recently, which means I made a few mistakes with the travelling part and forgot a few vital things. I seem to have been jetsetting a lot recently and one important thing when you're travelling around lots is packing well. I tend to make lists before of all the things we need to pack and tick them off as I go. Now I'm a super bad over-packer, I recently took five, yes FIVE pairs of shoes away for a weekend...that's bad. I'm seriously hoping that Theo doesn't pick up my bad packing habits, but I am keen for him to get into helping and planning himself what he needs! Travelling alone with a child is also a bit of a headache as invariably it will be me who has to lug around all the cases and bags. So I was delighted when we were given the chance to try out a Trunki, which meant he could pack his own case as well as have the fun of wheeling it around and riding on it at the airport. 

Theo chose the Benny the cat Trunki and even if we're not going anywhere sometimes we like to pretend we're going on adventures and pack it anyway. Here's a little video of one of our games! 

I'm hoping we'll go on many more (real and imaginary!) adventures with Benny, and I was so thankful for it on this trip! 

And so I'm happy to announce that I'll be giving away a Trunki to a reader and all you have to do is scroll to the bottom to enter! Good luck! 
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win a trunki
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win a trunki
win a trunki
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win a trunki
win a trunki
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27 April 2015

seventeen / fifty - two

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It may seem like a slightly late first experience, but Theo got his first ever haircut in a barbers shop. He complained that his hair wasn't smart and genuinely seemed quite sad so we asked if he'd like to get it done to which he agreed with much excitement. His little face lit up when he got to sit in the proper chair and did so very well at sitting still! 

We're off to Barcelona today, so we will be seeing you from there - meanwhile look out for a competition coming this week! 

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26 April 2015

Postcards from Devon, part one

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So I seemed to have taken an unplanned little holiday from the blog, but truth be told I feel like I've been so busy that it all just seems to slip to the wayside, typical as I have tons I want to share with you! I've probably got lots to share with you as we've been so busy doing exciting things, which is always good. I feel since the beginning of spring I've woken from my hibernation, ready to see people and get out of the house and the city and get back to what I enjoy most. Seeing old friends, staying with family, being by the sea and in the fresh air, remembering what it is to be me and just enjoying time with those closet to me. I'm not sure whether I've made myself keep busy over the past month or so as I knew it would be quite emotional, but I've managed somehow to do it and surround myself with people I love and who understand me, and for that I'm really grateful. There has been lots of catching up and that comfort of knowing that friendships don't change even though your lives do, has been really reassuring. I'm starting to feel a little bit more like me.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure where that came from, but it seemed to flow onto the keys without me realising! So since the Easter holidays we have been travelling here, there and everywhere, and whilst I remember I'm going to try and share some snippets of those trips. 

Now any long time readers of this blog will know the little love affair I have with Devon, and I'm afraid to say that it's not going to go away any time soon, so soz, you'll just have to deal with the millions of pictures that it urges me to make whilst I'm there. Staying with Rob's grandparents feels like staying in a little holiday home, its always so comfortable and we are made to feel so welcome. I love the little adventures we plan to do together and I know Theo loves it too. 

This time I travelled down to Teignmouth on my own, meeting my mum at Rob's grandparents to hand over Theo after his weekend away camping (so we could get down to some serious d.i.y)  We took a little walk to the beach to show my mum the seafront before saying our goodbyes. Rob wouldn't be joining us for a few days whilst he was back at work. The next day we set off early to travel on the Dartmouth steam train, which involved a ride from Paignton and a ferry ride over to Dartmouth along the beautiful coast line. The journey one the strain and the ferry were of course hugely exciting, and we spent the afternoon looking around the quaint town, browsing in charity and book shops, eating delicious ice cream before heading back on the return journey. Perfect! 

 photo IMG_4253_zpsmg8h5o3n.jpg
 photo IMG_4254_zpsplg8q4y2.jpg
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 photo IMG_4309_zpsn1gh6ayv.jpg
 photo IMG_4298_zpsgkqmiywh.jpg
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22 April 2015

sixteen / fifty-two

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So it's here, the Star Wars obsession. Much to Rob's delight Theo has found it and with only the littlest of encouragement has become engrossed in it. Rob found this little Clone trooper (it's not a STORM trooper, as I was corrected - I know nothing!) outfit and Theo's been living in it for about a week. I love overhearing him playing with Rob, who has to be Darth Vader, acting out little scenes. Star wars lego is a big hit too. I never really watched star wars as a kid so I'm a bit useless when it comes to knowledge and playing, but I'm learning! 

But it isn't all guns and 'boys toys' Theo also really enjoys playing princess's and dress up, and a combination of them both - Princess's with guns. Brilliant. 

20 April 2015

A little living room tour

 photo IMG_9385 copy_zpsng3of5dv.jpg
I can't believe it's coming up to a year since we moved into our house, and I think it's safe to say that we've massively transformed the house and have done so much work! As always there's still a huge long list of things to do, but I do feel like we've made all the room liveable and pretty much sorted with just a few messy edges to finish off etc.

You may have seen over on the lovely Vicki from The Owl and the Accordion blog featuring my home but I thought I would show you a few completely unedited photos of our before too! So here we go:

 photo DSC_0017_zpskrac3i8t.jpg
 photo DSC_0019_zpsar1wdpeb.jpg
 photo DSC_0015_zps9idywiwp.jpg
So we ripped up the carpet and exposed the floorboards hoping to just be able to sand them and leave them bare, but unfortunately they were covered in a thick wood stain which was super hard to get off as hard as Rob tried with a sander. So we decided to paint them white, a job which we've only just finished this easter! Of course the first thing to go was the horrible horrible yellow walls, and upon closer inspection the walls were in pretty bad condition too so we had them replastered before deciding to paint them pink. I do really love the pink, but recently I have been feeling like it is slightly too dark and am contemplating perhaps painting a few walls white or lightening up some walls to make it feel a bit airier. What do you think?!

So here are the after shots, well after shots taken in December (hence the start of the christmas decorations!) and we've changed bits here and there, and repainted the floor!

 photo IMG_9334_zps4dnvajzo.jpg
 photo IMG_9339_zpsxcmrxqli.jpg
 photo IMG_9342_zpsuiwmsiau.jpg
 photo IMG_9343_zpspgduk2wq.jpg
 photo IMG_9358_zpsnkz72rft.jpg
 photo IMG_9357_zpssnhrfkl5.jpg
Obviously we really want to change the fire place, but that would mean changing our whole heating system which we just cannot afford to do right now! One of the reasons I feel our room feels quite small (other than the fact it is a small room with lots in it!) is that our sofa and chair are quite dark which makes them appear to take up more space. I am always lusting over new sofas, but again we can't afford one. I would really love a grey sofa and feel it would lighten up the room and tie in really well with our colour scheme (other than it being my favourite colour!) But instead of buying a whole new sofa I started to think about just changing the covers of our exisiting one. I was shown this challenge and some transforamtions here and think it works really well! Here are a few examples:



I may well be tempted to give it a go myself! 

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