10 February 2015

six / fifty - two

6/52 the 52 project practicing simplicity

We had one of those weeks that was slightly indistinguishable from others. We went about our daily routine, played, made, watched, went shopping, ran errands and went to nursery. The weekend came and we visited Rob parents, had a trip to Ikea and visited the cinema. Finally in the last of the light on Sunday we took a short walk around the woods, short because we had an early wake up and energy was running low. He didn't want to go, and he didn't want his photo taken! He managed to climb a tree and run around with a big stick, but that was all. We admitted defeat and headed home. 

It wasn't a bad week, we were happy, but I'm hoping to shake things up a little more this week. 


  1. SOunds like our week, pretty ordinary! Lovely photo, his hat is gorgeous x

  2. I agree, love the hat! I think it has something to do with the time of year, the week's all sort of roll into one.

  3. Such a fab face! To be honest a lot of my weeks seems to be blurring into one at the moment. I'm definitely in need for an adventure. x

  4. Love this picture, so much character in that face!

  5. I love this capture - you're so talented! You can really see the 'magic hour' light.

  6. i always figure a week where nothing in particular happens is better than a bad one. love this photo, what a cheeky face!


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