30 June 2014

twenty-six / fifty-two

Half way on this little journey through the year, and we couldn't be busier. Last week we enjoyed what would be our last proper week in our old house. We finally completed on our first ever owned home, and over the weekend we've been busy ripping up carpets and taming the garden. The next few weeks and months are going to be pretty hectic, and I feel bad that there's not going to be a lot of time to spend savouring quiet moments with this goof ball. 

This week also marks me taking a little step back from the blog whilst all of this occurs. I am aiming to pop by for the weekly portrait, with little updates, and possibly a post here and there but other than that it's going to be a little quiet. I've been feeling at a sort of loss with the whole blogging world of late, questioning my place in it, and what I want to achieve and gain from it. I'm constantly in two minds, and even though I do love it, and the community it brings, some of the time I think it's not for me. I find it hard to fully engage in this online world and feel like a bit of a fraud on occasion. I appreciate every single reader and people who take the time to comment (even though blogger won't let me reply to comments?!) and it's been amazing to see this space grow. I still have lots I want to share and write about, but for now, real life is more important. I want to enjoy this momentous occasion in our little families story, and any spare moment is going to be spent giving attention Theo. 

I'll be back, I'm sure, and I hope so will you! 

In the mean time you can find me over on Instagram (@goldteeth), capturing the journey! 

26 June 2014

Montessori at home

Following on from our little exploration of leaves and seeds a few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to try and create some trees of our own. I wanted to talk about the way trees change during the seasons, and try and recreate them using different colours and materials. 

We mixed up some paint together, creating some different colours we might find in the seasons and used cotton buds (a pencil with a rubber would work well too!) to create the leaves, encouraging fine motor skills. We also tore up tissue paper to create blossom and painted apples. It was a fun little activity! 

(Sorry for the terrible quality photos, I only had my phone to hand!) 

24 June 2014

Postcards from Barcelona (4)

The second half of our unplanned afternoon led us through the cool back streets of El Born. We've spent hours circling these streets before, and yet it's still something I will always enjoy. Pushing a sleeping toddler we peered down alleyways, noticed new shops and cafes along the way, we marvelled at the unchanged streets and the evidence of people everywhere. 

For all my love of the countryside, cities always draw me in and intrigue me. All the people living their separate lives, literally on top of each other, creating their own stories which weave in and out of their neighbours windows, sharing alleyways and the sunlight that filters through. Each area holds its secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered, changed and challenged through new generations. The history that may have unfolded on those very same streets fascinates me, and all of the changes that have yet to happen, witnessed by all those people who choose to call it home. Barcelona is a fine example of this city life with so much history packed between its walls and the wide range of people marking their place and telling their own stories. 

It is a place to sit back and people watch, and that's how we spent the afternoon. Talking, walking and watching. When Theo eventually woke up, for his naps were long and late whilst on holiday, we retraced our steps to a good looking ice cream place and sat in the square bustling with people to enjoy them. With our tummies still rumbling we headed to an old favourite Pim Pam for a little burger treat. As the evening slowly drew in we headed home, satisfied from our unplanned afternoon spent in the best way possible.

Barcelona, you stole a piece of my heart many years ago, and that piece just keeps on growing. 

22 June 2014

twenty-five / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014 -

He took him self off to sit in the hollows of the tree's roots to finish his picnic. This is a rare clothed moment from this week, as the rest has been spent in various degrees of nakedness squirting, splashing and playing with water. His favourite.

20 June 2014

learning to ride

On Fathers day, after a long hot day spent in the centre of town my Dad stopped by for a surprise visit. We spent some time in the garden playing with the hose and water gun then decided to head out for some dinner. I managed to find this little bike for Theo for £20 just before his birthday, and even though he was excited about the prospect of a bike he wasn't quite ready for it, and gave up easily. But like most things, we left it for a few months and suddenly he had a mastered it a little more. 

We slowly made our way to the cafe for dinner, with my dad half pushing and us all shouting encouragement as Theo slowly pushed the pedals forward, used the brakes and steered his way along. It was a very sweet moment to witness, and bought me back to my own childhood of learning to ride my own small bike. 

Here's a short little video! 

18 June 2014

Postcards from Barcelona (3)

So a month has flown by since we visited the fair city of Barcelona, and even though there's still a few fair bits to share, it's been lovely to look back and revive the memory of certain days as they all start to blur into one. Every day since we returned Theo has without fail asked me "remember when we went on the airplane?", often asking friends and family too. I think it will probably remain the highlight of his year! 

So after a busy weekend seeing the delights the streets of Barcelona had to offer us we had a lazy morning spent visiting the local park before setting off back out into the city. We took the tram, or as it was to be known as the "trampa" for the remainder of the trip, into the city. We didn't have too much of a plan, just to visit a park that we've visited many times before and walk and take it all in. We alighted the tram by the zoo and wandered around the Parc de la Ciutadella, a beautiful 19th Century park. After a foggy morning the sun broke through the clouds, and we spontaneously decided to take a little boat out on the small lake for half an hour. It may have been a little of a touristy thing to do, but we couldn't hide away from being a tourist the entire trip, and 6€ was a small price for a lot of excitement. My sister was on strict instructions to go no where near the paddles, as her and vehicles/mobile things and water do not bode well! We spotted birds and turtles and travelled round a few times before returning the boat.

We spotted a play park where we sheltered from the hot afternoon sun whilst Theo provided us with imaginary ice creams to keep us cool. We strolled around the rest of the park, taking the magnificent buildings of the museum and government buildings. 

We left the park in search of real ice cream and wondered over to an old favourite district of El Born...more of which I shall share later! 
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