03 April 2014

thirsty work

I know I shared a similar picture for my last 52 submission, but for some reason these photos just kept calling me back. Sometimes I can't just choose one, and in this case there are so many I loved from this session that I just had to post them. I love them and I couldn't bare for them to sit there unused, so if you wish here are some others from Theo's water splashing in the face session that I managed to grab my camera for and capture!


  1. love it! beautiful photos :D he looks like he had so much fun!

  2. so cute, and he looks so happy!

  3. I love these photos so much - such a simple pleasure and a perfect moment captured :)

    Laura x

  4. So cute! I love these pics, Theo is so adventurous I don't think I could get F to do that if I bribed him in chocolate! x


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