30 April 2014

I have more exciting news! Theo and I are going on a little holiday to sunny Spain next week to visit my sister in Barcelona. We haven't visited since Theo was just 5 months old (look how tiny he is!) and what with all everything that has been going on recently, mixed with my serious bad case of itchy feet, I felt it would be good to have a little break. Rob sadly isn't coming with us, so it will just be Theo and I on the flight. I'm slightly anxious about how I'm going to cope on my own, but it's a fairly short flight and Theo is oh so excited to be going on a place!

Even though it won't be that hot yet in Barcelona I'm still excited for getting a little sun, dipping my toes in the Mediterranean and fully making the most of our little holiday!

Hopefully we'll get the chance to spend time on the beach, but I do always get super conscious of my English skin compared to all the beautifully tanned locals..whenever my sister and I visit the beach and strip off we imagine two beacons of blinding light emitting from our skin and blinding everyone in a mile radius! Let's just say we were not blessed with the type of skin that tans well! I do love the feeling and look of a healthy colour and tone to my skin though, but I just have to be super careful as it is so fair.

Here is a guest post with some good tips for creating a healthy looking holiday look, and perhaps feeling a little more confident on the beach!

29 April 2014

big things

So for the past few months, well since before Christmas really things have been a little crazy over here. I've started a new job, we've both been working overtime and our free time has been spent looking for houses to buy. But I'm so excited to share with you, that we found a house (about the fourth we made an offer on!) and all is going through smoothly (fingers and toes doubly crossed!)

I know perhaps I shouldn't share until everything is 100% confirmed, but its been ages since we've known and I'm just too excited by it all to keep it in any more. 

We are so incredibly lucky to be in this position, with very generous family helping us, because let's face it, there would be absolutely no way we would be able to do this without it. Hopefully this new start will mean that things from now on will be a little smoother and stable, in terms of finance and planning into the future. Owning our own home has been a dream of ours for such a long time, and to be honest we never expected it to come true! Not this soon anyway! 

Sometimes I just can't believe the way my life has panned out. If you'd told me 5 years ago that by 27 I'd be married, with a child and about to own my first home, I would have laughed in your face and gallivanted away over the Welsh hills, but here I am. And here I'll stay...(let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway) Sorry, what?

So anyway, back to real life. I've been busy dreaming, planning and of course pinning my way to our future home. Even though we're not going to have tons of money to throw at the new house and make it into our dream home, I'm just so excited that we can decorate it exactly how we want, and plan for changes in the future. Because we can, because it will be ours! 

All I can think about are carpet free floors, white walls and lots of light. Our new house isn't huge, so we need to utilise space and light really well. Hopefully all we will need to do begin with is strip floors and walls and repaint and here's some my inspiration board on Pinterest: 

Follow Abigail Oliver's board Home sweet home on Pinterest.

But all I am really dreaming of is a new kitchen! We are going to be loosing a little bit of living space downstairs (but gaining a bedroom!) but the future plan is to extend out and create a lovely kitchen with a breakfast room which I would hope would be the main living space in the house. I've been lusting over big open spaces, with room for a large table, shelving for books, toys and crafts and lots of light. I would love to put in big roof windows such as these from VELUX online  to really make the most of the light and make it feel airy and big!)

I'm in love with this kitchen and living space from one of my all time favourite (and inspiring) blogs Junkaholique. I've also got a separate board on Pinterest just for all my kitchen lusting! 

Follow Abigail Oliver's board Kitchen love on Pinterest.

So there you have it, our big news. I'm so excited for the next few months, hoping everything goes well and ready to start making our first home. I can't wait to share our progress with you!

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28 April 2014

seventeen / fifty-two

- A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014 -

Being tickled until he can take it no more, then asking for it again 30 seconds later. The squeal that emits from his mouth is something else...

Joining in with Jodi

26 April 2014

Montessori at home

This week we made a fun little game using coloured sticks. Theo is a very visual child, and he likes puzzles and recognising objects so I thought this would be perfect for him.

First we had to paint our sticks which was a fun task in itself, then once dry I made a shape using a set of sticks, then I asked Theo to copy it on his own tray.

He managed the simple shapes really well, so I decided to see how he'd get on with different patterns of colours and shapes.</>

I was really impressed with the way he worked it out and it's amazing to see his logic develop! We tried a few more different combinations and tried out making letters too. </>

24 April 2014


Another week and a few new finds and a couple from the past few months! Now that the weather is better going for little walks has become more frequent, and it's fun to just pop out and have a little snoop around our local charity shops. I hope to visit more car boot sales over the next few months too, and perhaps even do our own as we have lots of things to get rid of!

1- A vintage fisher price play house, complete with people, dogs, a car and furniture // 2 & 3 - A thick breton top and hand knitted cardigan for the boy // 4 - A denim pinafore for me

23 April 2014

to the seaside!

It seems funny to think that just last week we were sunning ourselves on the beach, tasting our first ice-creams cones of the year and dreaming up all of our summer adventures. Good weather is fleeting on our fair Isle, and we've all learnt now that when it's here you have to get out and make the most of it. In all cases, a week later you'll be pulling out your coat and boots that you casually tried to put away for next winter, in full knowledge that you would need to be able to access them again for the next few months. And so it goes.

In order to stock up on vitamin d we headed out to Weston-Super-Mare last week, to join the masses for a good old day at the seaside. Even though the front is fun to drive by and watch the big wheel spin round and the donkeys going backwards and forwards along the sand, its probably best avoided with two children who don't seem to understand the concept of money, and therefore the lack of it. Also I suppose showing them that you don't have to spend lots of money on attractions when all you need is a bucket and spade and a friend!

We choose to visit a little park, with excellent climbing frames and water sprinklers to have our lunch and a run around first. Due to my pretty spectacular hatred of eating anywhere where sand may creep its way into my sandwich.

After wrapping up in towels, drying off and finishing our picnic we headed onto the sand to the right of the pier, where it's slightly quieter. The boys dug holes, made shapes and castles in the sand and discovered the delights of burying each other.

Given the space and freedom these two will run and chase each other for miles and upon discovering the vastness of the beach, they set about doing just that. Before being enticed back for ice cream. (Note to self, use ice cream as bribe to leave the beach, and therefore avoiding long persuasions to leave and reduce the risk of sand in said ice creams)

And so our day at the beach ended,  we drove back to Bristol with two sleeping boys in the back, satisfied from our successful (and cheap!) day out. 

21 April 2014

sixteen / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014 - 
Our first trip to the beach this year. The buckets and spades were out, the trousers came off. These two dug holes, covered themselves in sand and squealed with glee as they endlessly chased each other. It was a good day, and hopefully the first of many!

Joining in with Jodi and all the rest! 

19 April 2014

montessori at home

Today we did a simple, but pretty fun little activity. I usually have an idea of what I want to do, and then more times than not once Theo gets involved he creates new activity in itself.

Today I created a little shape puzzle. I used a large roll of paper and a box of wooden shapes that I picked up at a charity shop a long while ago, drew round them and then asked Theo to match the shapes.

Whilst I was drawing around the shapes (because I'm never organised to do it before hand!) Theo decided that he wanted to try and draw around the shapes too. After doing the puzzle he then decided to colour in the shapes, then just build a tower!
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