30 March 2014

thirteen / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child once a  week,  every week in 2014 - 
You were thirsty.

Joining in with Jodi and all the others! 

27 March 2014

How to kill a morning and have a mini adventure

These past few weeks have been pretty manic what with me starting a new job and still trying to catch up after the disastrous and disruptive week we had at the beginning of the month. Meaning that we've had little opportunities for outings and adventures recently, which I feel a little bad about!

So when I asked Theo one morning last week what he would like to do for the day, and he answered go to the big station, I thought it was the perfect way to kill the morning, whilst doing something fun, a little out of the ordinary (for us) and relatively cheap and easy. So a trip on the local trains it was!

I've mentioned before that sometimes we like to just go and sit at our local station for half an hour and watch the trains (wild, I know) for something to do, but we rarely actually have to get the train anywhere. Probably because I have a car, and that we live half an hours walk from two stations that they just aren't that convenient for us. So this is still quite a novelty and a fun little adventure for Theo (and me!).

We arrived at the station just in time for a train, and watched it arrive and boarded. We found a seat and waited for the tunnels, and talked about the things whooshing by the window. Theo loves talking to the ticket collector and is in charge of paying for the ticket, and keeping it safe.
We arrived at the 'big station' (Temple Meads) and found a bench to sit on and watch trains pulling in and out of the station. We could see the rain lashing down in showers outside and felt content to sit in the dry talking and watching the world go by. Eventually our tummies started to rumble so we made a dash for it in a break in the weather and headed to a cafe close to the station for a sandwich.

We made our way back to the station and boarded our train home, satisfied from our mini adventure on the trains!

26 March 2014

my mother's day wish list

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

So mothers day is just around the corner, and in true fashion I've collected (at the last minute) a few things that have caught my eye and would be a lovely addition to some flowers and a little card...

I love these beautiful lockets by Maria Allen, with engraved wood in the middle bearing a little message or handprint, a perfect little gift!

Secondly anything from the Rifle Paper co. has my seal of approval and this card is just perfect as well as the phone case that has been on my wish for..oh forever?!

Even though there are lots of amazing cameras pictured, it's the homemade photo book which would be an amazing gift. We made two little books for each year of Theo's life so far, but haven't got round to making his 2 -3 book yet! Nor have we made a 52 project book or for that matter a wedding book! (and all those cameras would be ace too, thanks...!)

And lastly I ave been lusting over the new colours of Sun Jellies available, and especially these purple beauties! Is having three pairs a little excessive?! Luckily there's a giveaway over on Fritha blog, Tigerlily Quinn  to win a pair, so fingers crossed for that!

But above all, and all lovely potential gifts aside, I'm looking forward to spending a lovely day together as a family as there hasn't been much of that happening recently.

What do you have planned for your special day? A lie in, dinner cooked for you?

24 March 2014

montessori at home

This week we took our little classroom outside for a spot of scavenger hunting. We made a flying visit to my Mum's house to see my aunty who was visiting for the weekend and took advantage of the beautiful garden and all it's creatures.

We used a printout which you can find here and first talked about all the different things on the sheet, and did a spot of colouring before heading outside. I like the fact that you can do this hunt anywhere, meaning you don't necessarily have to trek to the woods to find nature and creepy crawlies, but the garden will do!

We rooted around the under the tree searching for leaves, listened to the birds singing and looked for berries.
We made sure we returned the creatures, and replaced their little hiding places before searching for more! 

23 March 2014

twelve / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 -
We took a little adventure on the local trains one day at this boys request, not going far, but exciting all the same! We sat at the big station and watched the trains go by before jumping back on ours and heading home.

Joining in with Jodi

20 March 2014

new shoes

So it got to that time of year again where I suddenly remembered, guiltily, that I haven't had Theo's feet measured in a long while. So instead of trekking all the way into town we scooted the short distance to our lovely local shoe shop, OddSox on Gloucester Road.

Set up by Sarah and Jo, both mums themselves, they set about creating a shop that offered a great friendly service selling excellent quality, diverse range and affordably priced shoes for kids (and some for adults too!)

The interaction and service is something that I think sets them apart from other shoe retailers. Jo and Sarah make sure that the child is involved in the whole process, asking their name and giving clear instructions to help measure and fit the shoes. I know that Theo loves to be involved with whats going on and to feel that he is helping. He was also free to have a look around, play with the toys and have a little play with the foot measure.

Here's a little peek around the shop:
 I love the range of shoes that they stock, with lots of lovely European brands such as Camper and more local such as Livie and Luca. They stock everything from baby boots to good quality school shoes and even (my weakness) Saltwater sandals, for kids and adults.

For me I love knowing that I'm supporting a local, independent business and knowing I'm buying a high quality product! And Theo has asked nearly every day whether we are going to the shoe shop...

We were offered discount in exchange for our review, but all thoughts are my own, as we really do love it! 

18 March 2014

a family walk : leigh woods

leigh woods bristol family walkleigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk

On Sunday once again the sun bathed the whole of Bristol in warmth and light, and with visiting friends in tow we took to the woods for a little walk and adventure.

We drove over to Leigh Woods, where we have visited a few times before, but each time manage to walk different paths. I love that each time you visit you can take a different winding path off and end up all over the side of the valley. We took a pretty simple path this time that took us through a fairly flat part of the woods and led us to some, yet again, amazing handmade dens.

leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
We once again played a big game of hide and seek, taking it in turns and taking advantage of the dens and fallen tree trunks to hide in. I love that the woods become a giant adventure playground for children, with climbing frames made out of logs, musical instruments made from sticks and string, slopes to leap over and dens for crawl and hide in.

leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
leigh woods bristol family walk
 Spring is most definitely in the air, and walking through Clifton and Leigh Woods you can see the trees blossoming and buds appearing. I can't wait until the woods are in full bloom, creating leafy glades and adventures underneath the full canopy.

After our stomp through the woods we treated ourselves to an ice cream at the slightly breezy lookout point on the downs, watching the kites and taking in the views, before heading home for a Sunday roast!

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