13 January 2014

a family walk

 As part of our new years resolutions as a family we decided we would go for a walk every week. We've always enjoyed going out for walks as a family, so this isn't really a massive change for us, it's just something to remember that we need to make time for every week. We're always much happier when we are out rather than staring at the same four walls, I get a little sick of the city (quite a lot!) and being out around nature just makes me feel a lot calmer and happier. Theo also gets fresh air and to stretch his legs and we are away from distraction. I'm determined that even though Theo lives in the city, and may well grow up in it, that he will still be confident and enjoy being outside. I want to teach him all the different tree names, how to climb trees, make bows and arrows and just generally have lots of fun going on walks altogether, something that he seems to really enjoy already thankfully.

So once a week we will discover a different place to go for a walk, and I hope to share it on here. Whether it be close to home or further a field, raining or sunny we will be on a walk (even if it lasts just half an hour!)

This week we ventured to Snuff Mills, just on the outskirts of the city. It's the perfect place to go for a walk along the river. We took random routes as directed by Theo, climbing steep steps, exploring cliff faces and roaring and chasing through the trees. We had lots of fun playing hide and seek (a current favourite in our house), watching dogs swim in the river and talking about the water. Quite by accident we climbed through the woods and found ourselves on a path that led to Oldbury Park estate where we came out by the play park there, much to Theo's delight. (He must have known with his in built park radar and secretly guided us there!) We had a little play before heading back through the woods to go home. A lovely day!

I apologise for the bad quality photos, they were taken on my phone. We've currently misplaced our camera charger, but instead I took out my trusty film camera and snapped some photos on that a well as my phone, so those should appear oh in about a years time?! But fingers crossed we can replace the charger soon because I do miss it! 

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