22 December 2013

oh the weather outside is frightful...

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...but the fire is so delightful!

I don't know about where you are but the weather has been a little bit wild this weekend! We've managed to get out a bit, but as it starts to get dark we rush home and then it's time to get cozy, put on a film and light the fire and listen to the wind howling and the rain against the windows.

I say light the fire, but we sadly only have a wall hung gas fire in our house and I long for a real open fire, fireplace or contemporary inset wood burning stove. I miss lighting fires, everything from the searching for wood, chopping, building the fire, keeping it going and sitting back and admiring your masterpiece.

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Image via pinterest
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When I was growing up we lived in an old cottage which had a giant fireplace with a lovely traditional wood burner, I remember laying by it, toasting chestnuts and watching the flames. Later when I worked in a pub my first job of the day was to clean out and make the fire, and keep it stocked and going until the end of the day. Next my fire making skills took me to building open fires in tipis and then building them in a little stove to keep us warm in the yurt that I lived in through a very cold Welsh winter! I do miss it very much!

Image via pinterest
Image via Pinterest
So I'm going into full hibernation mode, and as you may have noticed it's been pretty quiet around these parts. We've just been so busy and to be honest I've just haven't felt like blogging as much. I'm hoping the break over Christmas will give me a little space from the internet so I can enjoy it again.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I'm going to enjoy some time off with family and friends over the next week or so. I will probably pop in with the final 52 post and to wish everyone a merry christmas, but I'd like to take this opportunity (in case I don't actually get round to it!) to say happy holidays to everyone, hope you all have a lovely, relaxing break! Thanks for all your support and love over this past year, and lets hope we're here for another year!

Happy Christmas!

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