29 June 2013

twenty-six / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week,every week in 2013 -

This week has been a long one, I've been parenting by myself for the most of it, Theo's had a slight cold and I'm tired. But we've had good moments amongst the not so good ones, and those include watching my child move further away from infancy and turning into a fully fledged independent child. Yep that's right we've started on the journey of potty training. 

Last week I fell in love with this photo by Nell, and the ever adorable Josephine...that belly!!

I'm excited to share my three favorites so far from this project, haven't completely made up my mind yet though! How about you?

27 June 2013


It's been a little quiet over here this past week or so. I've been busy, we've been busy, Rob's been away and is away all weekend at his stag do.  We've been quiet, spending time with friends, working, gardening and keeping up with our usual day to day routines, and at the moment that seems like all I have time for, especially when it's just me looking after Theo all day and night.

I have a few things I want to write about here but it gets to the evening and I'm shattered and I don't feel like staring at the screen and trying to use my brain. Sometimes I find the blog is a great form of therapy and other times it seems to taunt me with yet another thing I need to do and tick off my list. I hate writing posts when I feel like I'm just writing them so that the gap between the posts doesn't seem so daunting. Other times there doesn't seem like enough time to write all that I want.

Also the wedding is getting nearer and I think it's stressing me out, I had my first big freak out on Monday, but had a good old cry over the phone to my sister and it helped. I feel like I haven't had a good cry in a long time, I can't remember the last time I did. Sometimes you do need a good old cry. I can't believe it's nearly July and the wedding is creeping closer and closer and yet there are quite a fair few things that still need organising, and suddenly you realise why people pay other people so much money to plan their wedding! I'm also incredibly jealous of Rob going on his stag do, and having a whole weekend off.

It's got to that time of year when my body and mind are screaming "I NEED a holiday!" But as luck would have it we are going on holiday. I'm driving down to Cornwall on Sunday with a good friend, where we'll ditch Theo (with Rob who is already in Cornwall) and run off to the Eden project to see Sigur Ros. The next day I'll say goodbye to my friend and then we'll be travelling to our holiday destination, where my sister will be joining us for a weeks holiday. I'm very excited. We're staying at Trevella Park  who have very kindly provided us with a caravan to stay in for a few days. I'm looking forward to walks on the beach, discovering what family adventures we can go on, and most importantly having a few lie ins! I've been to Cornwall a handful of times, when I was little and back nearly (yikes) 10 years ago when I finished my GCSE's so I can't wait to go back, and especially to go back as a family.

So it may continue to be a little quiet around here whilst we are away, but bear with me, I will be back at some point with a few more interesting things to say, I hope! 

24 June 2013

adventure time: Hereford

With a rainy Saturday morning, solo parenting and a day to kill we packed up the car and drove up to Malvern. A sleep, a sandwich and a run around the garden later we were back in the car and heading into beautiful Herefordshire. As usual our destination was a National Trust property deep in the countryside, where we found a castle surrounded by grassy meadows, a stream and panoramic views. The rain had stopped but the wind continued making the grasses dance and inviting us to wade through.

We witnessed a reenactment of a battle from 1745, and the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder and we heard shouts from officers and the crack from bayonets. Walking around the grand castle we gazed upon the rooms as they once were preserved for our enjoyment. Theo found a toy fort to play with complete with knights and horses. We ended the visit with generous portions of cream tea as we sheltered from the wind before we made our way back home once more.

22 June 2013

twenty-five / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013 -

Today we frolicked once again in the countryside at yet another National Trust property. This meadow, even though damp with the mornings rainfall was too beautiful to resist scramlbing through. I was kicking myself that I forgot my camera, but luckily managed to capture a few photos on my iphone. 

My favourite from last week was Laura's monochrome striped portraits of her beautiful children! Love those cheeky monkeys! And my baby fever just hit new heights! 

Still hanging in there with Jodi and all the rest! 

19 June 2013

in an english country gaaaaaarden...

As I was doing the washing up this evening I was looking out the window onto our garden being bathed in lovely evening sun, and it made me want to take some photographs. Then I realised that it would be nice if I perhaps documented our garden and all the work that we have been doing on it (even though it may not look like much!) But as usual I think about doing these things half way through, and never quite manage to remember taking photographs at regular intervals to really see the progress (just like you Alexis!) ..but this little glimpse will have to do! Hopefully in a month or two I will remember, and perhaps next year it would be a fun little project to document the garden through the different seasons.

But let me start at the beginning  When we moved into our house last November the garden was in a bit of a wreck, but we were excited as it was double the size of our last one. We didn't do any growing in our last place as there wasn't much room and we didn't put the time aside. The previous tenants here had left the garden to go a bit wild, or had half heartily hacked away at some bits (the poor apple tree!) and left quite a lot of debris around. So when the weather started to warm up we really wanted to get out there and clean and tidy it up and have a go at growing some vegetables. We haven't gone all out this year, as we've had to spend time clearing, also we haven't ever really grown much together before (we both have a little experience from gardening with our parents and from when I lived in a community growing organic vegetables) add that to the fact we're renting and we really don't know how long we are going to be here for. But we've still enjoyed putting some time into it, and are definitely enjoying seeing the results!

We are growing potatoes, beans, lettuce, strawberries and have some carrots seeding (which need to go in very soon!) Oh and our friend gave us a sunflower (just up there!) which Theo and I planted together and I can't wait for that to grow bigger. It's fun getting Theo involved with the gardening, his favourite job by far is watering, but he does like having a good dig around. He was pretty excited when I showed him the strawberries that are nearly ready to eat!

We've cleared and tamed a few over grown bushes, laid a little bit of new grass and planted grass seed. There's a few pretty wild flowers, and we enjoyed quite a few bluebells and peonies which you can just see the last of. It's very satisfying to see it all come together and grow like crazy!

What are you growing this year?

17 June 2013

bits and pieces: fathers day

My dad and Trish came to visit us yesterday and we celebrate Fathers day. We went for pizza and beer (where else could you go for fathers day?!) // Walked around a nature festival in the centre of Bristol // took a ride on the steam train // walked around the docks looking at the boats and SS Great Britain // and of course jumped in puddles!

We had a lovely day, ending it with a look around the Mshed, with tea and cake! Even the rain seemed to clear up by the afternoon.

What did you do for fathers day? Do you have any fathers day traditions?

Whatever you did I hope you had a lovely day! 

16 June 2013

twenty-four / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 -

Another week has flown by and we've been busy clambering over tree trunks and running around the countryside. It's good to go to places where Theo can yell at the top of his lungs and run around freely for once. 

My favourite from last week has to be the gorgeous Charlie! Look at those eyes! I love peeking into Sarah's life and the beautiful world she lives in! 

13 June 2013

bristol adventures: tyntesfield (again!)

It's been a little quiet around here, perhaps because of the weather I've been hermitting a little, or perhaps it's just one of those weeks where I don't have much to say. I kind of like it that way though, sometimes it's good to be a little quiet and take a step back.

I do love this little blog of mine though, I'm happy (and a little proud) with it. It isn't huge and it doesn't make me money but I enjoy it being my space to share and record memories. I love that I have made friends in real life through it, and continue to receive advice and support through the lovely people who read it! I'm not sure where this is all coming from, but perhaps I have been thinking and reflecting on it, and whats going to happen in the future. Who knows where this blog will be in a year or so, I hope still here whittling on quietly in the corner...but we shall see!

Anyway on with the post!

My weeks have been fairly unstructured since I stopped going to playgroups, which was perhaps one of the good things about them is that it at least got me out of the house in the morning. Sometimes I find it a little hard to get inspired to go out and do things if I haven't made a plan before hand. So early this week I called up my mother to see if she wanted to meet up somewhere local for a day out. Seeing as we all have National Trust memberships we took advantage and went to Tyntesfield. Rob and I visited a few months ago just as spring was starting to...spring! The weather on Wednesday unfortunately wasn't as good, and certainly not as lovely as it's been the last few weeks, but we still had a good time. This time the house was open so we were able to have a nose around there too, and explore a little more of the gardens.

Theo enjoyed exploring the gardens, climbing on the tree stumps and running through the bushes. We spotted cows and talked about the tall trees. I absolutely love seeing him run around and exploring the countryside, being adventurous and fearless.

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