26 February 2013

a bath in Bath

Yesterday morning I managed to be up and out the house by 8.45am. This is a first for me in such a long time, but how did I manage it? Well nothing can get me out the house faster than the lure of a baby free day relaxing in some natural hot water.

Fritha contacted me a while back asking if I would be up for going to Bath Spa for a day, and also meet up with Lia and Nell. The day would include free access to the Spa pools and lunch, and of course the chance to have a good old proper catch up with friends. How could I resist?

I had been working all weekend, which meant long hours spent on my feet, and even though I missed Theo as I'd barely seen him all weekend I tore myself away (literally ran for the door) for one more day with out him. I met Fritha and together we took the train through the beautiful countryside to Bath. I'm always surprised at how close Bath is, but yet how little I go there. I really need to make more of an effort to, as it's wonderful meeting up with new friends I've made through blogging who live there. Also everything in Bath is just so well planned out, you step off the train and there you are right in the centre, with everything in good walking distance.

We met outside the front, and had some quick introductions and hellos (even though I've hung out with  both Lia and Fritha before, it was the first time meeting Nell, and a first time for others meeting each other in real life) We were then taken for a tour and told some of the history of the Spa and of Bath. From someone who grew up in the East of England, had never been to Bath as a child and can count the number of times I've visited as an adult on one hand, it was really interesting to hear some of the history. I could totally imagine the rich upper class socialites of their days flocking to Bath to bathe in their lead-weighted down petticoats! Instead of upper class socialites though, we were treated to a view of the Bath rugby club team, who paraded past us in their swimming trunks much to my embarrassment! (I totally had a look of their six packs...)

Anyway anyway, after a few girly giggles we got changed into our swimwear and our complimentary robes and were told we could stay as long as we liked. We headed for the basement Minerva Thermae bath first, where we relaxed in the jacuzzi style part talking about babies and family for the most part! We braved the rooftop pool, which looked beautiful with all the steam rising into the cold air and the views over bath. We finished up trying out the steam rooms, with each steam 'pod' varying in aroma with different infusions, my favourite was definitely the eucalyptus!

But with our tummies rumbling and our fingers pruning we decided to go and have our lunch, in our bathrobes. We had an amazing three course meal, and a glass of wine (in the afternoon, crazy!) and more good chats about the blogging world, socialising and many other things. We then gladly got out of our soggy costumes into dry clothes before returning to the real world!

It was such a lovely day out, and very needed! It's very rare to have a good few hours alone, just to relax and actually have full conversations with friends, rather than having to leap up mid sentence all the time! I'm very thankful to Fritha and to Bath Spa for arranging and accommodating us on this day out. I'll be sure to keep them in mind for future days out, and even for my upcoming hen do...

24 February 2013

eight / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 -

This week Theo has been obsessed with 'bed...tunnels'. Carrying on from his obsession with anything tunnel like, he now likes to make little dens under the covers to hide out in. We've played games, talked to Grandad on skype and he plays on his Thomas app under there too, oh and of course we've cuddled!

Another week has whizzed by, and once again we're playing along with Jodi and the 52 project! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's contributions!


23 February 2013

theo's daily outfit

another week over! We've been busy going to playgroups, swimming lessons, swimming with daddy, and enjoying the sunshine before it turned bitterly cold again!

Hope you've all had a great week! 

21 February 2013


so as some of you may have already seen, as I posted a little photo on Instagram the other day, that we have booked our wedding!

I was excited, then I went 'oh shit, this is actually happening now'. Not that I don't want to marry Rob, because I do, but yikes it gives me the willys a little bit! To me I think the idea of getting married is way more scary than having a baby...

Oh and just to clear things up after my little rant about not receiving any flowers...the next day I got some lovely tulips delivered to my door from a mystery man. I then got a call at lunchtime and Rob asked me if I'd got the flowers which he had in fact ordered the day before, and then had to keep it a secret through my ranting as to not spoil the surprise! So romance isn't dead after all! (it's only a few days late, but I guess it's better to receive flowers on a day you don't expect them right?)

Anyway back to the wedding. So it's booked, its officially happening and we have started to plan. This part excites me, I've been going a little cray-cray on pinterest making a secret wedding board...so I don't know what I'm scared about. I think it just sounds so grown up, I'm going to have to call Rob my husband, and say at 'our wedding' numerous times in the future, and it just makes me feel really juvenile. Like we shouldn't be at this point in our life, that I can't possibly be old enough to be getting married, which is all just a distraction from the fact I don't think I can own up to the fact I'm not in my early twenties anymore...

But I was having a conversation with my friend (in New York!) about our wedding (cringe) the other day and she asked why we decided to get married. At first I found it really hard to put into words, because mainly it's just a feeling. A feeling that the time is right and we are ready to commit to each other. Before I met Rob I think I was fairly cynical of marriage, I didn't really see the point or what it changed, but then something switched.  I've been to a few weddings since, and really thought about the meaning of the vowels you exchange and wanting to stand up in front of all your loved ones and promise these things to each other. I think it's a lovely thing to do.

I understand now, after years of juvenile relationships, what a real relationship and even a marriage means.  A relationship to me is like a garden. The conditions have to be right in the first place to grow some roots, but the rest involves hard work, love, attention and patience. There will be good and bad seasons with unpredictable conditions, but hopefully with enough care and commitment the garden will flourish and produce things of great beauty, nourishment and reward. And at then one day, far in the future you'll be able to sit back, side by side and look at what you've created and worked at and all that you achieved.

I'm definitely ready to make that commitment to Rob, to work at our relationship through the good and the bad, to support each other, to love and to care through whatever life throws at us...plus I want to have a good party with all my friends and family!

So there you have it, a few thoughts on marriage. Not sure what else to say really!

(image from http://ruffledblog.com/vintage-philadelphia-wedding/)

19 February 2013

the weekend

Our weekend started early on Valentines day, not that we particularly celebrate Valentines day...I bought Rob a card, left him a little message, made a card for him from Theo. I dropped a few hints about my favourite flowers and how the ones I had bought myself a few weeks ago had died, just as a little push in the right direction...but no, I still do not have any flowers. Or a surprise getaway to Paris.

Anyway, anyway not that it matters (much). Rob had a half day of work on Thursday so we headed up to my Mums house in the afternoon. We did go out for a last minute dinner at Wetherspoons for a curry (so classy, I know) but hey it was last minute and our only chance to go out for dinner together.

We spent the afternoon playing in the garden together as my Mum is lucky enough to have a nice sized garden, which they've worked hard at getting all sorted. The people who lived at the house before them left a whole bunch of garden toys, including a massive trampoline and a few ride on tractors. They are a bit beaten up, but Theo gets so excited that he literally wants to spend all his time out in the garden. It does make me long to move to the countryside so we can have a more of a garden, but that's a long way off.

The next day we woke up early to a crisp sunny day and rob and I went for a quick run together. I then got ready to go and get a massage! So even though I've moaned about not getting anything from Rob, I still had a nice break in the morning...I went to a training college, where they do treatments for a fraction of a price as the practitioners are still  learning. But that doesn't mean it wasn't any good, it was really good and only cost me £7! I met my Mum afterwards who had been looking after Theo, we went for a cup of tea and a look round the charity shops before going home again. It all sounds pretty idyllic and it was until our pram decided to break leaving us stranded with a broken wheel...so we then spent the afternoon trawling round a retail park trying to find a substitute for the weekend. Not so ideal.

But we got it sorted and headed back to Bristol, leaving Theo with my mum. We went to a wedding reception in the evening, a nice excuse to get dressed up and wear some lipstick! The rest of the weekend went by in a busy blur of having a much needed lie in, a trip to Ikea, sorting out the last remaining boxes from our move and hanging some pictures  On Saturday evening we went to the pub (such a luxury) had some drinks and had a good old plan for our forthcoming wedding, which is all booked...

oh crap!

no no, don't get me wrong, I'm very excited, but I'm also pretty scared!

But we had a great weekend, and even though we didn't do anything wildly romantic, just being able to spend some time together without any other distractions was really important, more important than a big teddy bear and a "i love you" cushion...but still some flowers wouldn't go a miss...

17 February 2013

seven / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 - 

We had a tiny flutter of snow again this week, that lasted approximately 10 minutes and didn't settle. But that didn't stop Theo running to put his wellies on to go outside, sticking out his tongue and trying to catch the fluffy flakes. I love that this was a basic instinct for him!

Again this week I found it really difficult to choose my favourite, so I had to share two, I'm sorry, I feel like a bit of a cheat and a failure...(I am terrible at deciding and choosing, ask Rob, it takes me about half an hour to decide what I want to drink in a pub...)

Playing along with Jodi and all the talented photographers out there!


also just a quick side note, nominations end soon on the mad blog awards. I was really surprised to be nominated for anything at all, but very happy that I have been! But if you wanted to nomiate me for anything it would be very much appreciated! 

16 February 2013

theo's daily outfit

 So once again I'm late with the update, what was supposed to be a every Tuesday occurrence has now happened on a Saturday...I'm bad at keeping to a schedule! But I guess as long as I post it once a week that's ok right?

This week has been a busy one (haven't they all?) We've been on walks, made a cardboard house, went swimming, made valentines cookies and cards, went to yayas house, played in the garden...

It's been lots of fun! Rob and I left Theo up at my mums so that we could go to a wedding reception of Rob's colleague last night, then today we have had the whole day to do some much needed sorting, tidying and picture hanging. The last of our boxes from moving have been unpacked and sorted and we even fitted in a trip to Ikea. This evening we went to the pub, sat down with no distractions and started to plan THE WEDDING...yikes. I'm excited though, it's going to be busy, but hopefully it's going to be fun too.

Hope you've all had a good week! I can't wait to be reunited with my little boy tomorrow...

14 February 2013

the cardboard house

When I was little I remember one particular sunny afternoon (it was always sunny in my memories, or snowy, obviously) I can't remember my age, but perhaps I was around 5 or 6. This is probably one of my clearest and fondest memories too. We (my sisters, mum and friend Alice) set out a mat in the kitchen and painted and decorated a large cardboard box. I can't remember how long it took to finish, but suddenly we were in the garden,  eager and excited. We were waiting for our turn to make a puppet show for our audience, of my sister and mum. We probably played for quite a few hours, but like all memories these details don't really matter. I just remember the red and white stripes and the handmade curtains and the joy of our very own puppet theatre. To this day I love the fact that one of my fondest memories of playing in my childhood was one that was created from a cardboard box.

So yesterday we had to wait in for the morning for some deliveries so I planned (in my head) some activities to pass the time. I wanted to do something creative that involved Theo in the making too. I little while ago I made my first cardboard house. It wasn't anything special, just a few holes cut here and there and drawn on with chalk, but Theo enjoyed making into a new place to play with his trains as well as a climbing frame..so not so much a house more of a new piece of furniture.

Luckily one of the deliveries was a new fridge, and it came early, and the box was ginormous. I had grand plans for this box and I really wanted to get Theo involved in the decorating. So with my memory clear in my mind I set to work. I made potato stamps, (a first time of trying this too) mixed up some paint, put down a mat, cut a window and away we went!

 We did some potato printing, crayon colouring, freestyle painting and hand print painting and had lots of fun! Next I decided to try and recreate the puppet theatre, so I found an old piece of fabric a cut a pair of curtains. Now if I had more time on my hands, or really cared about whether it was pinterest worthy I may have bothered to sew and hem some curtains, but no a good old cut and rip worked well for us. I then obviously very neatly attached them using some paper fasteners, added some sellotaped ties and there you have it, a perfectly well bodged jobbed wendy house/puppet theatre! I realised that the window is a little too low for a proper puppet theatre, I clearly didn't think it out as well as my mum did, but there's always a next time.

ZUQ0z6 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

 We had fun playing hide and seek and talking with the puppets, that was until Theo found a pair of goggles and they were obvoiusly much more fun...

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