16 November 2012

I want never gets...

well sometimes it does...

I've seen this idea floating around on pinterest and thought I'd share it here. It's a simple guide to follow when asking or thinking of what you would like for Christmas. When people ask me what I want, I have to think of what I want for my birthday too, and I honestly can never really think of things I want/need (which is why all you summer birthday people have a good deal!) I always need things at other times of the year, but around this time my mind just goes blank! But this idea really helped, and it's been really useful in keeping things simple and not going over board on presents. The idea is to think of one thing you want, you need, you can wear and you can read. I assume that the categories can be mixed, such as I need some knickers to wear as mine all have holes in (this is just hypothetical btw) haha...

So back to Christmas, as it's getting eeeeeeven closer, how on earth did that happen? Isn't only 5 weeks away now? I know it's silly because after all it is just one day, but I have to say I'm so excited this year! Rob for the first time has the WHOLE of Christmas off, which means we can visit family together, spend time together as a family when everyone else is spending time together as a family too, which is very VERY unheard of round here! (f you retail! So glad Rob's not working retail anymore)

I don't know why I'm so excited this year, perhaps it's because it's the first year when Theo will maybe understand a little bit of what is going on and we've got him some pretty good presents that I'm excited for him to play with. We also get to see most of our family over a few days, and we're taking a little trip just before Christmas to visit my dad and my hometown. Every year when we were little we would visit a little miniature railway which runs a little steam train, and we would take it round the track to Santa's grotto! I really want to take Theo on this and relive some of my childhood through him. It's really important to me for him to experience things I did as a child, since we live so far away from where I grew up, and I had a really lovely childhood looking back. We're also going to be visiting London on my birthday on the 23rd which is a little bit of a tradition as we used to go when I was younger to look at the lights on Oxford Street and have a look/play in Hamleys toy shop...I'm so excited to do the same this year!

We're not doing any more travelling than that, and staying put in Bristol. We are spending Christmas day with Rob's parents and grandparents, and the next day my Mum, Andy and one of my sisters and boyf will be coming to us in our new house for a second Christmas. I've got a little bit over excited about this, and am collecting quite a stash of Christmas treats! So basically roll on Christmas!

It's going to be a stressful time running up to it though, as we move next week and have been busy packing and sorting and trying to get our head around all the things we need to do, but I'm ready to move and to relax in our new home.

Sorry it's been a bit quiet over here, I've been busy tipi making (weeeeeeee!) and then getting ill (booooooo). I spent all day yesterday in bed not being able to move with a horrid stomach ache/headache/tiredness and feeling sick which wasn't fun at all. I'm feeling a little better today and even managed to venture outside. And we've been busy packing boxes. I'm sorry if it is a little quiet around here over the next week, as we're going to be super busy, but please hang in there with me and don't forget us! 

p.s on that note, please remember to vote for us on top baby blogs when you can! that would be much appreciated and very Christmassy of you!! (link on side bar....)

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