18 July 2012

yaya's garden

This week we went to visit yaya as it feels like ages since I last saw her and Andy properly, as I didn't actually spend that much time with them at the wedding!

Even though it was a bit of a rainy day we still had a potter around the garden. Here in Bristol we have a little bit of a garden, enough to have a small play, but definitely not enough for Theo to run around to his hearts content. When I was little we lived in the countryside for a while where we had a massive garden, then woods and fields beyond that. I would spend my days making dens, climbing tress, riding my bike through the countryside and playing in streams. I know that unless we eventually move to the countryside something like this won't really be possible for Theo in the city, so I'm so glad we have somewhere like yaya's house and garden to come to...but maybe one day we'll have a big garden and some animals...

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