02 July 2012

the wedding

Wowzers, that was a fun, busy, tiring weekend!

This weekend was the weekend of me mam's wedding! So I thought I would share a few photos from it. Looking back at the photos there are some that I wish we had taken, for example there are none of me and Rob together, nor of all three of us, which makes me sad. But I realised that probably the reason we didn't take loads of photographs was because we were too distracted by actually enjoying the wedding itself! That's why I think you can never really ask a close friend or family member to be the photographer, as they want to enjoy the day too!

It was such a lovely (and emotional!) day, and so nice to see family! It was great that all of Rob's family were there too, as its not very often at all that we are all together, and especially all together with some of my family too. And I must give a massive thanks to Robs parents and grandparents who looked after Theo for most of the day, giving me a chance to focus on the wedding and catching up with my sisters! But as usual the day and weekend went so quickly, can't believe it's been and gone already!

Theo was so well behaved the whole weekend, and was the center of attention a few times, especially when the registrar asked if anyone had any objections, and Theo let out a huge squeal right on cue and had everyone laughing! But he was great, and very sweet and even had a little boogie at the end. I'm sure he loved all the attention he received from everyone! So a good day was had by all!

Makes me excited to start planning our wedding....


  1. Your mum's dress is amazing! And theo looks so super cute in his bow tie. Handsome chap! Glad you had a lovely day.... and oooh planning your wedding what fun!

  2. You all look fabulous!!
    Your mums dress is beautiful she looks every part the blushing bride
    And Theo is too cute in that bow tie
    I just love weddings, how exciting to plan yours - I really need to start planning mine, in sure my engagement is starting to expire :)

  3. Aw how sweet! Your mum looks gorgeous and how dapper is Theo with his little bow tie?! You're right also, don't get friends or family to take wedding photos as they can't enjoy the day as well that way.

  4. looks like a perfect day! I can't wait for you to start planning your wedding either! X

  5. Wow! It sounds amazing and your post has inspired me to brush up on my photography!!! x


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