28 June 2012

Food glorious food

So I thought I would jump on a bandwagon, I don't do it very often, but this post by Sarah inspired me to!

I love seeing what other children Theo's age are eating, and it inspires me to make yummy meals for Theo, or more yummy meals for us that we can share with him! Theo's weaning journey hasn't exactly been the easiest, we followed baby led weaning principles, and even though he spent the first few months of trying food puking it all up, we kept on with it. I'm so glad we did. Shortly after Theo turned one he just seemed to suddenly 'get' how to eat, how to chew and swallow! Hallelujah! He was quite adventurous and tried most things put in front of him, even if they did end up on the floor, at least he tried them. He definitely has favourites which include most fruit, pasta, yoghurt, carrots (cooked), ice cream, avocado, baked beans, corn on the cob, quesadillas and vegetable fingers...

But then every time illness or teething hits he goes right off food, and refuses to touch anything (maybe bar a yoghurt or two) and definitely refuses to try anything new. We also seem to hit a wall sometimes, like other people have described, and we have definitely been through the 'beige faze'. It's pretty frustrating when he point blank refuses to try something you've cooked from scratch, or when he finds great delight in throwing it on the floor! Luckily Theo tends to eat mostly what we eat, so we either just end up eating his food too, or back in the pot it goes! But I do worry that sometimes we get stuck in a food rut, not just for him, but for me too! So I thought I would try and document some of Theo's meals, and like Sarah, photograph the end result too. (But stupidly I forgot to take the end result picture this time! But will start documenting once Theo gets over this teething episode and is back on food properly)

Another good development though is that Theo has recently perfected the art of using a fork. He's been poking around with it for a while now, but recently has become pretty good at actually spiking food on it and putting it straight in his mouth! I usually have to blow on every forkful of food before it goes in his mouth, even if it isn't hot and he also tells us he's "all done" and puts his plate on the table away from him (but sometimes with a lot of food left, which we can usually coax him into eating some more of)

These pictures were taken at breakfast where we had a fancy meal of scrambled eggs on toast, a bit of a change from his usual porridge! 

Next stop perfecting the spoon on runny foods! 

26 June 2012


Theo is teething again, and it's ouch for him, and ouch for us.

 He had a temperature on Sunday night and it lasted all of Monday too. I got him checked out at the doctors, but there wasn't much really wrong with him, best to be safe though right? Luckily the temperature has gone down now (with thanks to nurafen) but we're still battling! He's waking up all the time at night, refusing to eat much, is a dribble monster and wants to nurse or be carried ALL day. This afternoon he woke up from his nap and I literally couldn't put him down for over an hour, there have been tears, lots of tears. He seems to be cutting four teeth all at once again, so I can see why he's in pain, poor thing. But it's hard... I want my normal happy toddler back!

 Yesterday we spent most of the day cuddling, but took a quick trip to ikea and shared an ice cream to take our mind of it! Today we managed to go swimming, but I feel like I have zero energy to be fun with him, I just hope those pesky teeth hurry up and push through before the weekend! (this weekend is my Mums wedding so it's going to be busy and tiring and not a lot of fun with a clingy whingy bebe)

I'm so excited about this weekend to see my Mum get married and I get to see both my sisters in one place! The other day I was thinking it's strange as Theo will recognise both my sisters, but has only ever seen them separately, I don't think he has ever seen them at the same time (apart from when he was born) and then for them to be in the same place, might blow his mind! I wonder at what age they start to figure out how people are connected, and who is his family and from which side. Anyway I digress... So it's been a little quiet around here, and we've got a busy rest of the week lined up but I'll try to drop in! Fingers crossed the suffering ends soon!

24 June 2012

the weekend in pictures

play time with daddy / fish supper / lazy morning / new pyjamas / sleepy face / School fete / Clifton walks / suspension bridge... and some sun!

21 June 2012

home and away

So you may think I'm a bit obsessed with going on holiday, and well you're right. I'm always thinking up the next place we can go and visit, and where we can holiday next. I love travelling, I love seeing new places, I love returning to old favourites, I love the excitement of planning and getting there, but I don't love it when they end.

I've always loved traveling, and when I was young, free and single (haha) I was lucky enough to be able to go on a few traveling adventures, some not so far to the Scottish Highlands, Orkney, Shetland and around Norway, some a little further inter-railing around Eastern Europe and some pretty far away to India and Nepal. I'm so glad I was able to jump at the chance to go on these trips as they have had such a great influence on who I am today! I enjoyed each and every one of them in many different ways. Rob wasn't so lucky as me, and planned to go traveling after he finished Uni, until well Theo came along that is, and I know he feels like he's missed out a little and wants to experience some traveling. But hopefully if we plan it right, and save save save, we can every once in a while take our little family on an exciting adventure somewhere. But in the meantime we'll just have to stay local for our holidays!

We've been lucky enough to be able to go abroad twice already with Theo, once to Barcelona last year to visit my sister and this year, as you know we went to Madeira a few weeks ago with my Mum and Andy. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to visit these places and stay (for free!) and to also spend time with my family, and Theo is such a lucky boy! But I think for our next holiday we'll definitely be staying in the Uk. As fun and exciting as taking a flight is, it's also a lot of hard work. Packing and getting to the airport, then waiting for the flight, then entertaining a baby/toddler on it is pretty draining. Also being in a city, or a place where there is lots you want or should go out and see, is really hard with someone else to think of, and to fit naps around etc... As much as we enjoyed these holidays, it feels a little like we need a holiday when we get back from them!

So to save money, (and save up for big adventures) we are going to have to do things simple, and local. There's something great about just being able to load up the car and drive a for a few hours and arrive on holiday, a hell of a lot less stressful! You might remember that last year we went on a little holiday to Devon. We had such a great time just us together, and even though we went in late Autumn it was still great to get away.

We stayed with family friends and enjoyed blustery walks along beautiful beaches, pub lunches and cozy evenings in.

On this trip we visited Croyde Bay and Woolacombe Bay where you can rent holiday lodges, caravans, tents and even sweet villas. We said that next time we go on holiday in the summer we'll definitely have to check these out. Rob used to holiday with his parents at these very same parks when he was a child, and has fond memories of playing on the beach, swimming in the onsite pools and enjoying the entertainment! It sounds perfect for us, whether we want to slightly rough it camping or enjoy a little luxury of staying in a lodge. I'd love to rent out a big one and go on holiday with friends, or keep it just us three again for a quiet, relaxing holiday! Both sound pretty good to me!

I can imagine us in the future coming back for more and more local holidays, as even though it's not abroad there's still plenty to do, and it's often way too easy to overlook the beautiful English landscape and scenery just on our doorstep!

p.s I just remembered I wrote a post way back at the beginning of this blog talking about going on family camping holidays!

19 June 2012

theo's bedroom

So Theo's been in his own room for a month or so now, and even though we've moved some furniture around and put a few things up on the walls, we have yet to make his room really his space.

When Theo was born or actually before he was born we never went through that whole decorating his nursery thing. Mainly because we were either planning to live at Robs parents house, or eventually moved to our own one bedroom flat where we planned on Theo staying in the same room as us for at least 6 months. Even when we moved to a slighty bigger flat with supposedly two bedrooms, we never moved him into the second bedroom because as time went on it became apparent the room wasn't suitable. And then even when we moved to the house where we are now, which has a lovely second bedroom, that was previously a toddler boy nursery too, we still didn't move him into his own room. I just didn't feel right, until one day it did. Theo adjusted pretty well to the move, and it's been great to have our bedroom back.

But now I really want to decorate it, sort it out and make it fun (and a little bit pretty...) All of his toys are still downstairs in the house, and they are slowly taking over all of it, so it would be great to move some of them upstairs and get some nifty sort of storage, as well as moving the tipi upstairs to make a proper den.

So of course I've been scouring Pinterest for the last few days, and you can see my bedroom board here. But I've picked out some of my favourites to share with you.

I love the grown up feel of these bedrooms, with light airy spaces but with splashes of fun colours. I love shelves of trinkets and books, and interesting vintage frames on the walls. I want to get Theo a sweet small little desk and chair too, to sit and read or draw. Soft furnishings, toys and rugs add a cozy element and still keep it a little childish.

I'm not sure how long we'll be in our house (as you know we love to move...) but for now I want to make Theo's space fun, interesting and his, and if we eventually do move I would love a room which could grow and change with him.

Do you have ideas or inspiration to share? Please do!

17 June 2012

Fathers day

I've written before about how I truly admire Rob for the father and dad he has become, and the way he has always taken our situation, problems and hurdles in his stride. I don't think I could have ever have imagined starting a family with a better man, and I don't think Theo could have a more loving, fun and silly song making up dada! We love you!

Thanks for being there for us and for going through this journey of parenthood with me!

And to my own dad, happy fathers day, and thanks for also providing us with fond memories of my own childhood x

16 June 2012

Out and About: Badgers Hill

I thought I would go back to my trip to Kent to share with you some photos from the wonderful Badgers Hill.

I've visited a few times before when spending time with my sister, as it was always a short drive away from Canterbury, and a great place to spend the afternoon. The place is an amazing eclectic mix or farm shop, petting farm, cafe and wooden statues, wind chimes and trinkets galore! Now that my sister has moved to the countryside, Badgers Hill is a very short drive away, and even walkable (if it wasn't threatening to tip it down!) So on my last morning we took a trip there before I headed off home, as we knew Theo would love it, and it would be good for him to have a little run around before the long car journey. And we were right, he loved it, and so did I!

First we fed the chickens and the geese (probably the best fed and happiest chickens around!) Before having a little peek around the farm shop...

Did I mention they make their own cider and apple juice too? Well they do.

We stopped for a little big bite to eat, as they do in fact serve the best ploughmans you have ever seen or eaten, the bread was still warm. Theo got to sit in an amazing vintage highchair in the greenhouse with grapevines creeping inside, it was all very lovely! They also have a bit where there are lots and lots of wind chimes hanging up of various sizes, and seeing as Theo loves making music we had so much fun showing him all the different notes. It really is beautiful!

Lastly we had a walk around the rest of the 'farm' and to see the donkeys. It was such a lovely way to end a great little trip to Kent.

It reminds me of when I worked in the farm shop where my mum used to live, which was the most perfect little job! I would love to work at a farm shop/city farm/ outdoor type place again, or even eventually run my own! I know I know, dream on...
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