30 April 2012


uh-oh, it's nearly been a week since I last posted...not sure how it happened but I managed to take a little unintentional break from the internet land. I did write a different post yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me upload any photos as apparently I've reached my storage limit with google? Anyone else had that problem? And how do you get round it without having to buy more storage? 

Anyway, so there are a few things I wanted to talk about. Firstly last week I was quite adventurous, I managed to go out in the evening not once, but twice, alone with Rob looking after Theo. Crazy! Rob and I have been out in the evening for a few hours without Theo before, but I haven't ever really left them both at home to go out and do something by myself, and I was a little nervous. On Monday evening to accompanied my friend Jo to go see 'Spamalot'  as she was reviewing the show, and I thought it was a good excuse to bite the bullet and go out by myself, much to Rob's annoyance as he would have loved to go see the show! (haha) It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I made it (I was previously invited by Jo to go see the Bon Iver show in Bristol last year, and was all set to go when Theo decided to be really ill and I couldn't leave, I was gutted) 

I left Rob with some formula milk to try to give to Theo, and see if he would take it and fall asleep, but he didn't. I arrived home at about 10pm to find them both on the sofa watching a film. I think he'd had a little sleep when Rob went out for a walk with him, but apart from that Theo waited for me to get home to put him to sleep. The nights after this one were particularly bad though, mainly because he is teething badly and cutting 3 molars, but also because I think we disturbed his sleeping patterns. He became super clingy and only wanted me and just wanted to nurse all the time. I sort of got to the end of my tether a little bit, and I was getting frustrated with him. I really don't want to be in a position where I'm getting annoyed with him for feeding, so we are thinking that perhaps it might be time for a change in terms of the night feeds.

I bet you're all thinking 'oh no here we go again, another post about the sleeping situation' and you're probably right. We have been thinking a lot about it recently, and I feel I am getting to a point where I would like to stop the night feeds, and the dependency on me, and find a way where other people can settle him to sleep, and more importantly teach Theo that he doesn't need me or to nurse to fall back to sleep. I've been noticing recently that putting him to sleep by nursing has become a lot harder, and it takes him ages to finally settle down. Some of the time he doesn't fall asleep by nursing anymore, and eventually rolls over and goes to sleep by himself, so I'm starting to think that nursing is loosing some of it's magic, and doesn't work every time. And maybe it will get to a point that it no longer works and then what will we do then?!  

We are also considering the big move, of putting Theo into his own room. Up until this point I haven't been comfortable with that idea, or with anyone else saying 'oh isn't he in his own room yet?' because it's not up to anyone else. And it's just been easier to have him in the room with us, but since we made his little bed on the floor he's been sleeping a lot better, especially in the days when he is left in the room by himself with no disturbances. I feel at night that because he knows I'm there, he'll wake up more often and hear us if we move around in the bed, so we are considering moving him to his own room. I think it will also help the situation if he's in his own room and Rob can go in a settle him, instead of me. But for now these are all just thoughts and we need to see over the next few weeks how Theo is feeling and what he is showing us, because I don't want to force anything on him that he's not showing he's ready for. 

But anyway on with the rest of my week, on Saturday night I had been invited out for birthday drinks with a friend from my antenatal group. This is what I was really scared about! I haven't been 'out' for so long! I've been for a few drinks in the pub with my friends for an hour or too, or to the pub with Rob for about an hour, but I haven't been out out. Not to a bar or a club where 'young people' go...But I was excited to go. Anyway I put Theo to bed as usual and luckily he went down really easily, he woke up just before I left so I settled him back down and went out. This time he didn't wake up until nearly 11pm, and Rob was able to walk him round and lie down with him to settle him back to sleep. I arrived home about midnight, to find them both upstairs asleep. Rob hadn't been able to leave him to sleep alone, but it's a start right? In theory I probably could of stayed out a little longer, but I played it safe and only went out for a short while. But I did have lots of fun, it was great to go out and chat and have a few drinks, I left before I had enough to drink to make me feel drunk, and before some dancing commenced, but next time perhaps I'll stay long enough to throw some shapes on the dance floor (watch out Bristol....) 

Exciting times. Sorry I've been away quite a bit, I think sometimes I become a bit of a internet hermit, and have to hide away for a little while (even though I do try and keep up with all the blogs I follow) 

But hope everyone is well! 

p.s just a quick reminder to anyone who would like to sponsor Theo for his Big Toddle on the 14th of June, you can do so here. Please help us raise some money as it would mean so much to us and the children we are hoping to raise money for! We will of course be sharing photos and videos of the big day! thank you x

24 April 2012


So as you've probably guessed by now, I'm fairly obsessed with the app 'Instagram' (@goldteeth by the way!) And since the release of the app on android platforms it seems like it's exploded everywhere! 

I've been using Instagram for about a year now, and it's probably one of the only app type thing that I'm addicted to. I've made some lovely friends and find it a great way to see what they are all up to, and of course see lots of cute babies and children! Compared to twitter, (which I have a fairly on off relationship with, as I don't really seem to have the time to keep up with everyone, and once you miss a day or two it seems impossible to get back in and up to date) it's easier to dip in and out of, and I don't feel like I'm missing something, as you can always go to someone's profile and have a catch up on missed pictures. You can have conversations with people by leaving comments on their pictures, which other people can join in on too, or just simply make your presence known by liking the picture. I love looking at other people's photographs, not only of their children, but of where they live, what they eat, what they wore and where they've been. I love the idea of documenting your daily life and sharing with like-minded people. And for us it's been an easy, quick and cheap way to take nice photographs of Theo. 

But this is where the problem is, the fact that all these nice photos are just kept on my phone. Granted the quality isn't great, nothing compared to film or even our digital camera, but I still wanted some to be real and tangible. Luckily there are a few companies who have cottoned onto this idea, and made it possible to have your Instagram photos in your hands in lots of different fun ways. So I thought I would share with you some of the companies we have used! 

First of all for our Christmas present last year my sister ordered and gave us these wonderful small books of my photos from Printstagram

We love them, and the size as they are prefect to quickly show people your favourite photographs. They make great gifts, especially for Grandma's to carry round in their bags to whip out and show off their grand kids! The quality is good too, probably because of the small format. 

Next is something we discovered as we ordered some as a Christmas present for my sister who gave us the books (Christmas day was funny as we thought we had given each other the same presents!)

We ordered some Stickygrams which are little square magnets with your photos on them! They are such a good idea, and a great way to brighten up and personalise your kitchen. They come in a sheet of 9 and often have offers and deals on, so it's worth keeping an eye out. Delivery is really quick even though they come from America so once again they are a great gift idea! 

The last thing we have is something we've been meaning to do for a long time. As I've mentioned before the family album is something that is very important to me (I even wrote my dissertation on it!) and it's something that I want to make sure we have for Theo, but like always finding the time (and money) to go through and print out pictures to then put in a photo album seems impossible. We also have rolls of film that we need to print out from our holiday last summer and Theo's birthday, but again still haven't got round to getting them developed. The only start I have made is a started album of Theo from birth until about 3 months, and considering we have a whole years worth of photos on top of that, we are doing a pretty bad job of making an album! 

But I found on Blurb books website that you can make books directly from your Instagram account. Which is so easy! All you have to do is log into your account on their website and select the photos you want. Then you can take time to arrange them how you wish. You can add so many photos too, I think our book is 120 pages with over 300 photos in it. Which is pretty good considering how much that would cost to print out each photo individually! 

So here's a little sneak preview of our book. It was so lovely to go through all of our photos from birth to a year of Theo and see how much he's changed. Also it was fun to make little series of similar photos, such as ones with daddy, eating, making a mess and sleeping! 

So there you go, hopefully I will eventually get round to printing out some proper photos and maybe even frame some (we currently have zero photos of photo on the walls...) But for now these will have to do!

22 April 2012

Out and About: Windmill hill city farm

So I haven't really posted in the last few days as we've kind of just been busy with (non blog worthy) things, and just enjoying a few days break! Rob only had Saturday off this weekend which we spent doing nice family things, such as taking Theo swimming in the morning, and then enjoying a few hours of baby free time together looking in some shops in town (such a luxury!)

Today Rob had to work until four, which was fine as Theo and I had a quiet morning in playing. Theo slept for two hours today straight, which he has started doing a lot more frequently. He just naps once a day now, but the naps are longer and he stays asleep for longer. So that suits me fine, it's great to have a two hour break in my day to get some house work done, relax and eat some food. I definitely need it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he starts to drop his nap altogether, that scares me... A Lot. 

But anyway this afternoon I picked Rob up from work and we made it to South Bristol. I always feel like we are going on a bit of an adventure when we go south of the river, because even though I've only lived in Bristol a short while I feel like I'm definitely a north Bristolian, and going to the south feels like going to a completely new place! I like South Bristol, don't get me wrong, but I don't know it at all! We have old friends from Uni who live there, so it's really lovely to go once in a while and have a catch up. 

I'd heard of Windmill Film city farm before, and have always wanted to check it out. As you know I'm a huge fan of the St.Werburghs city farm, so given the chance I wanted to check out this one. We've noticed that Theo absolutely LOVES animals. Whenever he sees dogs when we're out, or animals on the television he goes crazy for them! He gets so excited and wants to touch them and make all the noises, so we thought any excuse to get to see some animals would be good for him! We met with our friends and made it round just before it closed.

 Luckily the weather cleared up for our visit, but that didn't stop us dressing Theo in his full rain gear! 

 We looked at the geese, chickens and ducks, all the while trying to make convincing quacking/clucking and hooting noises! Theo said what sounded a lot like duck too, well he said 'uck', so I'm hoping he was saying duck...

 Next we saw the sweet pigmy goats! I love goats at the best of time, but pigmy goats?! Amazing! I wish I could have one, and that Theo could ride around on it's back...

 Theo discovered splashing in puddles, giant rabbits and pigs. We then went for a walk around the allotments and to find some more animals. 

 (please excuse my horrible windswept messy hair, it looks terrible! Oh yeh and my face...)

 In fact this goat looks better than I do!

But aside from me being vain and looking a state, we had a lovely afternoon. Afterwards we went for coffee in Grounded and had nice chats. I love having free afternoons out, and like I've said before what could be better than going to see some animals! I really like the Windmill Hill farm, it's laid out really well and I like that you can go and walk around the allotments. It seems like it just goes on and on and there is a lot to see. They have a cafe too, but was closed  when we arrived, but I would love to see what that is like too. So thumbs up from us to this other city farm! Can't say which one is my favourite yet though...

19 April 2012

The big toddle

After seeing Charlotte fundraising for the same thing, I thought I would check it out and join in too! Well make Theo join in!

We're taking part in The Big Toddle at Blaise Castle in Bristol. Which involves children well toddling, to raise money for the most underprivileged children in the UK. We thought it looked really fun and for a good cause, so would be very thankful if people wanted to sponsor Theo.

Also if any other Mummas/carers/grandparents in Bristol want to get involved it would be so much fun to all do it together!

Anyway here is Theo's fundraising page! Please help spread the word to sponsor or join in!

As for me, I plan on doing a run this summer too, so stay tuned!

oh and p.s the theme is super heros! Would could be cuter than little kids dressed up as super heros!?

18 April 2012

Mums 101

So I was tagged by Charlotte, who wrote a brilliant post about 3 things about being a mother she would put in room 101. I 100% agree with her choices, as I've experienced and been completely aggravated by these same things! Go read her post, it was make you laugh and sigh.

I've been thinking over the last day or so what my choices should be, it's been hard to think of things I really hate (other than like Charlotte has already pointed out) because a lot of bad points of motherhood are usually trumped by unbelievably amazing things. For example, horribly cliched but, having a rough nights sleep is always usually made better by waking up to a happy smiling babbling baby.

But I'd say the things that annoy me most our thing to do with myself, and my own body.

1. Hormones. I know that I'm still breastfeeding, so that's probably why my hormones as still causing havoc within my body, but I'm kinda tired of the horrible mood swings, and being a bit of a bitch a lot of the time, and things being a erratic and not very calm. I'd like to think that before and especially during my pregnancy I was fairly easy going and didn't really rise that much to arguments, but now anything can make me snap, and it's usually the people closest to me who get the brunt of it (other than a poor h&m assistant yesterday!) I would just like to feel normal again, and slightly more in control.

2. Personal space. Or rather lack of personal space! Once again probably because I'm still breastfeeding (I do still enjoy it, but perhaps I'm starting to think about slowly stopping) but sometimes I feel like I'm constantly giving my body and have no space of my own. I gave my body over to pregnancy for 9 months, and for 15 months have constantly breastfed, not to mention being climbed and clambered over or having to pick up and carry a toddler lots! So sometimes it just feels as though I need some space just for me, to have no-one needing me. I think I just need regular massages....

3. Saggy Skin. This one is completely vain, but I want my saggy, stretched skin to be gone! I sincerely doubt it will ever magically spring back to it's former glory of my youth, but I really wish it would! It's been long enough that my body hasn't been pregnant, but I'm still carrying around this wobbly thing on my stomach. I think it's going to take a long time at the gym to get rid of it, so a magic 101 disappearing trick would be great thanks!

So these things are more recent qualms rather than complaints with the whole of motherhood in general. Perhaps they are just things that after 15 months I'm growing slightly tired of. Because as much as I love to complain, motherhood is (mostly) wonderful, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

So I would like to tag Sarah to see what she says!

16 April 2012

now & then

I was having a little look through some recent photos on my phone, and it dawned on me that I've taken really similar pictures of Theo to these new ones before, but when he was younger (original I know) So I thought that instead of doing a weekly update with the new Instagram photos, I would do a little now and then!

It's so funny to see how much he has changed and grown, but how you can still see the same cheeky face throughout! I can't believe we've got to that point where we can look back and compare pictures of how he used to be, and say 'oh look how small he was...' How has it got to that point already when we are looking back and remembering him as a BABY...
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