27 February 2012

Out and About: St.Fagans

So Spring is here! We planned earlier this week to get up on Saturday and drive over to Wales. We wanted to do something different and get out the house, and well get out of Bristol too. I have visited St.Fagans Welsh history museum quite a few times, but haven't been in over a year now.

We decided to go here because there is tons to do, it's free and it's mostly outside. We were hoping that the weather would be ok, but we were treated to some lovely warm sunshine the whole day. It was great to be out walking around, feeling refreshed. I find that, however great Bristol is, sometimes I get a bit suffocated, there's not a whole lot to do that is family friendly and free, and sometimes it's nice to just get out of the city into the countryside. I've also been hankering to go back to Wales, it's been a long time, and I miss it so much! Driving the familiar roads and seeing the countryside made my heart glad. Sometimes we do think about moving back to Wales, one day maybe...

Anyway, back to St.Fagans. It's an open air history museum of Welsh life, and there are replica houses and shops made out as to how they would have look through the ages. My favourites are the local store and the row of terraced cottages that jumps through different centuries. There is a working bakery selling amazing bread and cheesy buns, a working blacksmith, miller, saddler and weaver and even a clog maker! I met and spent time with these people a while ago whilst I was doing a photography project on traditional crafts.

So here are some pictures of our fun day out...there are quite a few


 After a lovely walk around we stopped for a picnic we made, sitting in the sunshine. It was just perfect! Theo had a good old walk around exploring, he's so fast at walking now and was just off as soon as we put him down!

It was such a lovely day, and we were thoroughly tired out after all of our fresh air and walking. We decided to have a little trip into Cardiff before we headed home. I love Cardiff and it was so nice to go back to somewhere so familiar, I really do miss it. We had such a lovely family day out, and it didn't cost much money at all, we really need to start planning to do days out (that are cheap!) for our weekends, because it makes all the difference to our moods and how we enjoy spending time as a family. I'm so excited that Spring is making an appearance, it really is my favourite time of year!

Sorry for so many photos, we got a bit snap happy!

25 February 2012

A little insight...

When I saw this Q&A on Murr's blog I thought it was a great idea, and would have a little go at creating my own and tagging some of my friends to find out a little more about them too!

So here we go!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1. Post these rules 
2. Post 11 random things about yourself 
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you 
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag 
5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1. I have a bad obsession with terrible TV, such as Made in Chelsea and Skins
2. I love the beach, or rather the idea of going to the beach, as I really hate sand
3. I lived in a yurt in Wales for 9 months, mainly through the winter
4. I'm left handed
5. When I was little I had a serious obsession with tills. I still do. 
6. I have four scars on my body; one by my left eyebrow from a chicken pock, one on my knee from a picnic mishap with a knife, one on my upper arm from walking into a wall and one on my right hand from putting an axe into it
7. I love doing laundry, and when I get to hang it outside I get really over excited
8. I'm a really bad singer
9. In the summer before I started University I traveled alone to Scotland and Norway
10. I really want to get married
11. I rarely shave my legs in the winter

I'm going to answer Murr's questions too..

1. If you could cut one thing out of your daily routine, what would it be?
Needing to eat something sweet by 3 o'clock in the afternoon
2. What's the best thing you ever ate?
Most of the food I ate in Nepal, especially Momos

3. How did you meet your spouse?
hah! In the only half decent club in the small city where I went to University. It seems as though most people who got together at uni, got together in there!
4. If you were trapped alone on a remote island for 30 days, what three things would you bring? 
Rob, Theo and a never-ending supply of food 
5. What's one trend you would love to stop seeing?
Ridiculously short denim shorts, be gone!
6. What's the story behind your name?
My name Abigail means 'Father Rejoice' in Hebrew, but I don't know the story behind it. Most people call me Abbi, but commonly spell it wrong (which is fine!) or I once went by the nickname Scabs (still do). 
7. Most listened to song at the moment?
Shake it out, by Florence + The Machine
8. If you could collect anything, or start a new collection, what would you collect?
  I might start collecting postcards, found written ones. 
9. How do you like your coffee?
I don't drink coffee. I love the smell and the taste but it does funny things to me, even decaff, so I have to stay away!
10. What's your biggest pet-peeve?
Not being able to find things in your bag
11. What is one bit of marriage &/or parenting advice you would give to other women?
Always listen to your instincts and do what feels right for YOU
Bloggers I tag:

Questions for them:

1. What is your favourite time of year
2. What makes you laugh
3. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema
4. What's the one thing you couldn't live without
5. If you had extra time to do one thing, what would you do
6. Who was/is your celebrity crush
7. If you could go on holiday anywhere tomorrow where would you go
8. What inspires you
9. What's your guilty pleasure
10. What's the best advice or wisdom that has been passed down to you
11. What's your current obsession

21 February 2012

A weekly roundup

yikes I haven't written anything in nearly a week! I don't know really what has happened. I've not really felt like writing anything to be honest, it was a bit of a dead week and I haven't spent much time online or doing much of any interest.

Boring I hear you say! yes indeed. But before I go on, here are a few pictures of what we got up to last week:

1&2 big kid, little kid pretending he's a big kid
3&4 ill day snuggling, lemon and ginger tea
5&6 Hanging out in Ikea, feeding himself porridge
7&8 fun lunch at a party
9&10 ball pool fun
11&12 shadow conspirators, playing with a new toy

This week we have been a little bit ill, not majorly but enough to drain my energy enough to sit and watch a whole mornings worth of cebeebies...enough to start even finding Mr. Bloom attractive..We've been trying to go out everyday and get back into our routine, but I don't think we quite made it out the house on Thursday. Saturday was spent in Ikea and doing food shopping, baking blueberry muffins and generally wasting the day away. Sunday was probably the funnest day as it involved going to the lovely Mersinas party, hosted by my friend Jo. But it wasn't without it's drama, as stupidly when getting ready to go I put Mersinas present on top of my car whilst I strapped Theo in, then just got in the car and drove away, it wasn't until I'd got about half way did I realise, so raced back to look along the way to see where it had fallen off, but didn't find it! I was gutted, what a waste! But I can only hope that the present was picked up and will be loved by another child instead of being smashed to smithereens or lay in the gutter all dejected.

But anyway, we eventually made it to the party, offering apologies instead of a present and card. The party was at a play cafe called Rimandos of Gloucester Road, and even though I've heard of the place I had never been before. They had hired out the whole place for the party which was great, as there was so much space for the kiddies to play in. It was so baby friendly and the soft play area was perfect for the babies! Theo even braved the big fortress climbing up the steps and sliding down the slide backwards on his belly! He literally had so much fun, and of course lots of his playmates were there too. It turned into a bit of a twitter meet up, and we got to see some non-local twitter friends, which was great to meet again in real life and have a good catch up! They had set out a sweet little lunch for all the children (and for the adults to sneak a pink wafer or two) and Theo had great fun playing with his friend Lilian. It was so funny to watch them interacting so well with each  other, sharing their drinks and making funny faces at each other through their plates.

Yesterday we had a boring nothing day again but today we made up for it and went to our swim class again, and lots of fun was had there. I need to start making plans for the weekends and have something different to look forward to rather than just wasting Rob's time off and getting on each others nerves. There are so many great free things that we could go and do as a family, we just need to start planning them, and hope that the weather starts to get a bit better! This weekend we are planning to go back to Wales and visit St.Fagens museum. I can't wait! I've been longing to go back to Wales for some time now and I love visiting the museum as I spent a lot of time there in my last year of Uni doing some of my work there. Rob and I even went on one of our first 'dates' there, I say date, but he just came to help me out with my project, but we were still getting to know each other then, and it was a bit of an excuse to get him to hang out with me....(how romantic)

Right, I think I've bored you all enough with my lack-luster post. Gah, I need some excitement in my life...I always get like this at this time of year, the end of winter waiting for spring to start. Spring is my most favourite favourite time of year and my feet start itching long before the daffodils make their appearance. It makes me want to be outside and do adventurous exciting things, something to get up for in the morning. Hurry up Spring, I wish to count the magnolia trees on my daily journeys, thanks.

oh and p.s thanks so much for all the helpful words and advice I received about my last post. It really has helped me to realise what is best for us, and to continue to keep on listening to that. I'm sorry that I haven't got back to replying to everyone

15 February 2012

The dilemma

ah so once again we've reached this point of deliberation and potentially having to make a change to Theo's sleeping habits.

But the thing is, is that I'm happy with the sleeping arrangements, he sleeps in the bed with us. I feed him to sleep, then most of the time get up again and spend some time with Rob downstairs in the evening, then when we go to bed he doesn't usually wake up. He doesn't 'sleep through' meaning he does wake up, but on a good night means that he wakes slightly, and I either put him on the other side of me, stroke his back or feed him back to sleep. But he never wakes up fully and neither do I, so on those nights I feel like I, and we get a good nights sleep. It's only on nights when he is more restless and sometimes is awake for about an hour or more that it's a problem, but these nights only tend to happen when there is something wrong, like teething or feeling a bit ill for example, which is fairly normal right?

I know that at some point we are going to have to sort out Theo's sleep associations, because at the moment the main way he falls asleep is by me feeding him, so therefore that's the way he thinks he has to go back to sleep, blah blah, I've read lots about the patterns in babies sleeps and it's normal for them to wake, he just needs to learn how to go back to sleep by himself, like we do. At the moment I'm trying to address this by only offering him a feed as a last resort, I'm trying to soothe him back to sleep by rubbing his back etc, which works some of the time. So what's the problem?

The problem is is that I'm getting worried that I'm doing the wrong thing (again) and I have constant questions of "isn't he in his own bed yet?" "when's he moving to his own room?" "he really should be sleeping by himself" blah blah blah. Also the other day I met with a friend and her baby, who is a month older than Theo is sleeping through and in his own room. My friend isn't the "oh my baby is wonderful and is sleeping through" rub it in your face type, but it still made me question whether we should be attempting the same thing. She has stopped breastfeeding altogether now, and they reached a point where they actively made a change, because it felt like the right time. It only took four days for the baby to learn to sleep by himself in his own room. Maybe it was because the baby was ready, and the parents were too?

At the moment I'm still completely happy breastfeeding Theo, and if it gets him back to sleep at night then I'm happy doing it then too, but I know there may be a point when I feel I would like to stop, but I don't feel like it's now. I also know that Theo hasn't really given any signs that he wants to stop either, so I certainly don't want to force weaning on him. As with the sleeping I feel happy and really love co-sleeping, and again I haven't got the feeling that Theo wants it any different either. So it works for us, for the time being.

But saying all this I sometimes question myself as to whether I'm making up excuses, because I really enjoy it, and I don't want to give up co-sleeping. Am I being selfish? Should we at least try putting him down in his cot? He might prefer it? Who knows?

Do you just know when it's the right time to wean and to move them out of the bed? Should I just ignore all the 'advice' and pressure I get about him still co-sleeping, or should we start to make a change? I hate this constant worry that I'm doing the wrong thing. Am I setting Theo up for bad sleep habits when he's older, or am I doing the best thing by doing what feels right for us both? in other words:


14 February 2012

A weekly roundup

So here is a little glimpse into what our week looked like last week, according to my phone!

1&2 flying baby in Malvern, Valentines day outfit
3&4 inside our wardrobe, bubble fun with Oma
5&6 a still life of our table, blue sky mornings out back
7&8 Sunday morning sunshine, all dressed up to go to a birthday party
9&10 child number 2, perfect sleeping bebe
11&12 let loose in the supermarket, homemade pizza with rocket and goats cheese
13&14 self portrait on a cold morning, Alma in heaven
15&16 snow! reading in bed

So that was last week, it was my first week being alone again with Theo, but we had plenty of visitors and meet ups with friends. On Sunday we drove over to Malvern to visit my Mum for a (yummy) lunch and a play in the park, so good to be able to just pop over. Rob had the weekend off, still a novelty for us! We attended a 1st birthday party and Theo visited his first ever soft play, which was manic, but fun! It snowed but didn't last very long, Theo still hasn't had a chance to go out in it as it didn't stick around ( I want a snow day!)

Yesterday evening Rob and I had our date out to the cinema, which was great, the film was amazing! We had quick burritos for dinner, before rushing off to pick up a very grumpy tired baby from the grandparents (yikes!) I didn't get to go to the gym as it was super expensive to join and a little misleading from the information on the website, damn. But I did sign Theo up for swimming lessons which started today, and he loved it! He literally smiled and laughed the whole class, it was the sweetest thing. I'm so glad we're starting these classes as I think they will be great for him, and me (it's a bit of exercise for me still right?!)

Hope you all had a good weekend and are having a lovey dovey Valentines day, not that I am! 

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