22 June 2011


I realise that I haven't posted in ages, but I honestly haven't had anything really to write about, or the time...

Rob just got back after a little business trip, to Canon HQ for some training. How exciting! But this meant that he had to leave yesterday afternoon and only got back late this evening. I shouldn't really moan as I know some people have it a lot harder than I do, but I hate it when he goes away, or gets home late from work, it is really tiring!

But anyway, I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I met up  with Fritha, and drank tea, ate cake and talked about babies and pregnant stuff among other things. It was really lovely, but funny that we know each other through the internet world first, even though we live in the same city! Talking about pregnancy makes me all nostalgic, and I actually miss being pregnant. I liked it (for a short while before I desperately wanted a bump) when I was hardly showing and being pregnant was like this little secret I had. Of the knowledge my body was doing something amazing, but no-one knew. I also miss the relationship me and the baby (Theo!!) had whilst he was inside, and the secret kicks and movements. I loved knowing there was another heartbeat other than my own going on inside my body. But one baby is enough for now thank you very much!

Anyway my mother and Andy came to visit me on Sunday. First we went to an NCT sale, which was horribly busy and lots of elbow pushing...I wasn't really cut out for it, as I don't really like to get manic over baby clothes and items as some people do. But we got some sweet clothes for when he is a little bit older. We then went out for lunch and had a yummy yummy roast, then walked around Clifton village ready to explode!

It was really nice to see them again, and I had a really lovely day. But it always goes too quickly and then they have to leave again.

I have spent the rest of the time cuddling with Theo and Alma on the sofa, and going about my usual business of going to classes and meeting with friends. Theo has become a little better at napping in the day, and more predictable too, meaning I can plan my days a little better. He really does decide when he's ready to do something, and I don't have to force him, which is good.

After a week or too or practicing Theo has finally figured out how to put his toes in his mouth! I took a little video, but forgive me for my bad camera, I was laughing at him!

I really can't think of anything else to write, sorry I feel slightly uninspired to be writing...I need a holiday..oh wait, in one week we will be in Barcelona! wooooohooooo!


  1. Was that the Ashton Gate NCT sale? I was tempted to go myself, heard it was massive, but I realised I didn't actually need anything and it's a long way to go to buy second hand baby clothes.

    They are hard work, aren't they? Worth it if you find some good bits, I've had some lovely things for Squeaky, but I really do have to be in the right frame of mind to deal with the crowds without shouting at people.

  2. @squeakymom hiya, yes it was the ashton gate one, it was manic! I've never been before so was a very big shock, i never knew mums could be so ferocious over baby clothes! there is one coming up this saturday at redland church, which hopefully will be smaller and open to everyone from the beginning so hopefully there will still be some good things left! but if you do ever make it over to bristol let me know, it would be lovely to have a meet up!


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