30 June 2011

We made it!

hello! Here we are in sunny sunny Spain!

All went well with the flight, Theo fed and slept for the most of the flight and didn´t scream too much, which was good. Flying with a baby is pretty good, you get to go on first and we had a row all to ourselves. I was a little bit worried about flying, as you never know how it´s going to effect them, but he didn´t seem too bothered by the air pressure. Luckily it´s only a short flight.

We met with my sister, and she got very over excited to see Theo, and picked him up and spun him around, and since he had eaten quite a lot during the flight, he was sick all over her! It was pretty funny...

This morning we went out for a little walk around the area where my sister lives, Poble Nou. We had a little picnic in the park and went to sit by the beach. It was good on the first day just to have a quiet day, as I was so tired from yesterday! It´s so noisy here when sleeping, compared to our flat at home, so it took some getting used to, also its so hot at night!

So far it´s been good with Theo, he has been pretty sleepy which I expect is from the heat. I think I will try to give him some water whilst we are here too.

I´m looking forward to having two whole weeks with people around all the time to be with Theo, a mental holiday for me!

We´ve got a few things planned but mostly I think we will be relaxing...I will try and update even just with pictures everyday.

This afternoon after I had a nap (a nap! lucky me!) we went for a little walk along the rambla in Poble Nou for a little drink and then to a park. It´s been a really nice day, just with Rob and Theo.

So that´s all!

29 June 2011


We're all packed and just killing some time before we leave for the airport!

I'm so excited! We haven't been to Barcelona since Theo was just a tiny little bean in my stomach. And now he is fully grown and on the outside, ready to go on his first real plane!

Theo has his own little suitcase, full of clothes, washable nappies and toys! How very sweet. He hasn't seen his Aunty since he was bout 3 or 4 days old, and has never met his uncle Borja.

I'm hoping that I will have a nice relaxing time, as I feel I need it! We both do, in the last  6 or 7 months we have moved twice, had a baby and Rob changed jobs, probably 3 of the the most stressful things you can do, in such a short space of time! So hello beach, I will be lounging on you for a considerable amount of time.

That's all for now, I will be sure to update once we are there and had a few days out and about!

but for now I shall leave you with this:

27 June 2011

to the left, to the left...

We watched Beyonce at Glastonbury last night. It was epic. For the first time in years I was really gutted that I wasn't at Glastonbury, and all for Beyonce? Surey not?

But I would have wanted to go for many other reasons and bands..it fills me with nostalgia for my teenage days! I have had so many good times at Glastonbury and seen so many amazing bands that it's hard for it not to lure me back in. I would really love to go back, after the year off obvs, but going with Theo, and doing all the family entertainment too. It's very weird to imagine him being able to walk then, and talk and be a proper little person!

but for next year hopefully we will all return to Greenman! It's such a shame not to be going this year. It's the time where I know I will have an uninterrupted weekend with my best friends, having fun and listening to awesome music. Hopefully we will all be able to meet up at some point this summer! Fingers crossed! 

25 June 2011

My fun day

So usually on Saturdays I'm a big moping mess, as I'm horribly bored and feel uninspired to do anything as Rob is at work and everyone else is busy. I usually go walk round a shopping centre or something...haha what rubbish!

But today I decided I didn't want to just either sit around the house feeling bored or go wander around some place aimlessly. In the morning, after Theo's nap (yep Theo's nap, in the day, in the house, you heard it!) I went to a baby sale, and bought some toys and a  few clothes before heading out of Bristol to the Noah's ark zoo. Rob's mum gave me a coupon for free entry, so I thought it might be nice to go.

It was really good to drive out of the city and be in the countryside again. The site is really nice, really big and with good views. I slowly made my way round and was really impressed with the open spaces and the pens. First I went to 'Africa' and saw my favourite animals, Giraffes!

Then I went to see the big cats! I faced Theo foreward in his pram, but he is still too young really to take notice, but it was fun to pretend I was there for Theo, not for myself!

The cats enclosure was really big, which was nice to see, with tons of things to climb on and play with. I saw the feeding time, where they fed them with bit of meat on the end of a stick through the fence. I know that's probably the best way to do it, but it felt sort of wrong that they couldn't get their food in a more imaginative way, to at least imitate a little bit what it's like in the wild, but I suppose they have never been wild...

Anyway, it was still pretty good. I walked around the rest of the big animals and really enjoyed it!

I stopped for lunch in the cafe, with a cheese roll and a can of coke. Lovely.

My phone ran out of battery for the rest of it, but that's probably lucky otherwise I would have gone photo mad! But the rest was really good too. There was more of a farm section where you could pet and feed the animals, with donkeys, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, porcupines!? I spent loads of time there.

There were lots of families there, but even though it was Saturday it wasn't too busy, and it didn't feel packed at all. A month or so ago I went to Bristol Zoo, it was a special day, where we got in for cheap with the babies, but even so I wasn't that impressed. It was pretty cramped and really busy, and I felt pretty claustrophobic walking around. You sort of had to push a little to see the animals, and there weren't that many animals there anyway! At this zoo there was so much room for kids to run around, with big adventure playgrounds and a big maze. I could really imagine coming here as Theo gets older and him running around and really enjoying it. I was comparing it to Bristol Zoo because usually it costs about £14 for an adult, which I think is pretty expensive for what it is. They didn't have half the animals they did here, or no chance to hold or feed some of them. I really like the mix of zoo and farm.

Anyway, that was my day! I really enjoyed it, and didn't really feel bad about being by myself all day!

I think I tired Theo out!

22 June 2011


I realise that I haven't posted in ages, but I honestly haven't had anything really to write about, or the time...

Rob just got back after a little business trip, to Canon HQ for some training. How exciting! But this meant that he had to leave yesterday afternoon and only got back late this evening. I shouldn't really moan as I know some people have it a lot harder than I do, but I hate it when he goes away, or gets home late from work, it is really tiring!

But anyway, I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I met up  with Fritha, and drank tea, ate cake and talked about babies and pregnant stuff among other things. It was really lovely, but funny that we know each other through the internet world first, even though we live in the same city! Talking about pregnancy makes me all nostalgic, and I actually miss being pregnant. I liked it (for a short while before I desperately wanted a bump) when I was hardly showing and being pregnant was like this little secret I had. Of the knowledge my body was doing something amazing, but no-one knew. I also miss the relationship me and the baby (Theo!!) had whilst he was inside, and the secret kicks and movements. I loved knowing there was another heartbeat other than my own going on inside my body. But one baby is enough for now thank you very much!

Anyway my mother and Andy came to visit me on Sunday. First we went to an NCT sale, which was horribly busy and lots of elbow pushing...I wasn't really cut out for it, as I don't really like to get manic over baby clothes and items as some people do. But we got some sweet clothes for when he is a little bit older. We then went out for lunch and had a yummy yummy roast, then walked around Clifton village ready to explode!

It was really nice to see them again, and I had a really lovely day. But it always goes too quickly and then they have to leave again.

I have spent the rest of the time cuddling with Theo and Alma on the sofa, and going about my usual business of going to classes and meeting with friends. Theo has become a little better at napping in the day, and more predictable too, meaning I can plan my days a little better. He really does decide when he's ready to do something, and I don't have to force him, which is good.

After a week or too or practicing Theo has finally figured out how to put his toes in his mouth! I took a little video, but forgive me for my bad camera, I was laughing at him!

I really can't think of anything else to write, sorry I feel slightly uninspired to be writing...I need a holiday..oh wait, in one week we will be in Barcelona! wooooohooooo!

18 June 2011

Play time

bonjour! So this week has gone very fast as usual!

Last night, after Rob finished work we traveled over to Newport in Wales, to where we used to go for Uni for the grad show. I was really nervous whilst we were driving over there, and as we sat in the car park of Sainsburys eating pizza and feeding Theo with steamed up car windows, that nervousness grew. I don't know why I was nervous, I was going to see good friends from Uni and they were going to meet Theo for the first time. But I think it was this strange feeling of going back to my old life, seeing people I used to know and my old tutors. I'm sure most people knew that I had had a baby, but it feels as though so much has changed in a year, and I do feel like a different person. I feel more settled and stable and happy believe it or not! It's not that I had a bad time at uni, far from it, and I made wonderful friends, it's just that I had quite a lot of ups and downs, (as a lot of people probably do at that stage in their life) and feel quite glad to be out of that now, and be where I am, with my little family.

Theo was on top form though, smiling it everyone before happily going to sleep in the carrier for most of it. The exhibitions were good, but as always on opening nights you never really look at the work properly, plus there were lots of people to see and talk to. In the end as soon as we met up with our friends the nervousness was forgotten and we had a fun time. I had a few sips of wine and it went straight to my head, I really can't drink anything anymore! It has been well over a year since I drank properly! But I don't really miss it all that much.

We were asked the usual questions of what we were up to, and how things were, and all we could reply is that things were good, but quietly uneventful! Which I like. Our weeks go really fast, filled up with meeting up with friends and normal domestic tasks like food shopping etc, but at the moment I am really enjoying it! Everyday is exciting and I learn new things about myself, about Theo and about us as a family. I think I enjoy everyday so much because Theo is such and awesome baby to be with! haha! I'm sure everyone thinks that about their own child, but he is so much fun! He is really expressive and laughs and chats away all the time. It also makes me love Rob even more, to think that he half created such a lovely baby, means that he can't be half bad himself! hah!

We bought Theo some sweet sunglasses for our holiday! He looks like such a dude!

Anyway enough babbling!

On Thursday I went over to my friend Amy's house , for a baby date. Together with my other friend Jess we had a lot of fun! The baby's played on the floor together, rolling around and grabbing each other! It is so sweet to watch them all! Especially now as they are becoming more interested in each other. It was quite sunny and warm so Amy got out the paddling pool and they had a little splash!

SOooooooo Cute! Theo is the youngest out of the babies, but by far the biggest, what a little fatty!

So Theo has just awoken from his nap (a nap in the day time at home! Miracle!) So I have to be off. Today I am meeting up for the first time with the lovely Fritha for cakes and chats! I'm very excited! Check out her lovely blog!

14 June 2011

A little video

So Rob made a little video of Theo's life so far! It's quite sweet...

12 June 2011

Reality check point

I guess this happens sometimes, but today I was struck by a moment where you realise what your life is like at that current moment, and how you could have never of imagined it would end up that way!

This time last year I had just finished University, we knew I was pregnant, but hadn't told anyone. People kept on asking what my plans for after Uni were, and all I could do was shrug my shoulders and say I hadn't planned anything yet, all the while knowing there was a little bean growing inside of me who was about to change my life forever.

And now a year on, he is here, and my life is very different from the one I would have imagined I would be leading a year after Uni.

It's a rainy Sunday and as I was getting up with Theo to change his nappy, I looked outside and realised that I had left my washing outside, that had perfectly dried in the warm weather yesterday, and was now soaked again. This isn't stuff of major revelations, but it made me realise that this is sort of what my life is now, not that that is a bad thing! Rob and I live in this quiet little bubble, our evenings consist of bathing Theo, putting him to bed and eating dinner. We have a bit of time to spend together in the evenings which is really lovely. My week consists of meeting with other mummys and going to silly classes, that consist of singing nursery rhymes and playing with toys. I do like this life, it makes me happy, and Theo really is the best thing to happen to me, and can't imagine life without him now. But I wonder how it changed so quickly from the one I knew before!

I honestly don't know what I would be doing now if I hadn't of got pregnant. I didn't have any really plan or calling after I finished university. Perhaps I would have tried to do something more along the photography lines, but who knows what, that something I need to figure out for the future. I do eventually want to get back into some aspects of my old life, such as art and photography, but I have no idea how!

Anyway I'm not really sure of the point of this post, but for now I'm quite happy playing this sort of housewife role, with the little baby and kitten in our lovely little flat!

(But I must get better at getting the washing in evidently) 

09 June 2011

Dilemma number two: of the weaning variety

So the other thing that I have been worrying about is all this hoohar about weaning.

Since the beginning I  have read bits and bobs about baby led weaning, and really agree with the principles, ie waiting until your baby is ready to eat for themselves, letting them feed themselves, letting them discover and play with different foods, and learning to chew first and hopefully avoiding your child becoming a fussy eater.  I like the idea of not having to make purees of everything, the idea of mashing together a whole roast dinner seems weird to me. But I know this works for some/most people.

There are lots of discrepancies over when you should start weaning, well regular weaning. Health advisers all say 6 months. But lots of people actually start just after 4 months, because their babies are showing signs of wanting extra food. I think my mum said that I starting eating food about 4 months.

But with baby led weaning you have to wait until your baby is 6 months and can sit unaided and hold themselves steady. Also their digestive system is advanced enough to handle most foods by then. Also I guess their hand to mouth coordination is a lot better at 6 months. I have so far been led by Theo in all the other aspects of baby life, such as feeding on demand, co-sleeping (because he likes it better that way!) and generally going by what he wants, so why not follow on that way with weaning? So in theory it is all very agreeable to me.

But the things I have been worried about are that what if Theo shows signs of needing extra food other than milk before he gets to 6 months? He is a big baby, and therefore may need food sooner than others. Also I know that for the first bits of baby led weaning the baby doesn't actually eat that much food, because they are discovering new tastes and learning how to chew, so most of the food probably ends up on the floor! So they still need feeding the same amounts of milk. I don't know how long that will go on for, and how long it will take until they are on proper 'meals' in the day.

My friend and I have been talking about BLW for a while now, and both intend to try it. She has another mummy friend who is a tried and tested bl advocate, who swears by it, and would do the same again. I'm not sure of the ins and outs of how it went for her, perhaps I should find out more. But some other mums I've talked to about it have other experiences, one tried it for a few days (not long I know) and got terrified about giving huge chunks of banana to her baby. Also she was saying that a friend did blw only to find that getting the child to feed out and about was hard, as it would take a long while as the child would only feed herself (the whole point I thought?) But the point is, is that perhaps sometimes its not as convenient and practical as it could be.

So my thoughts are that perhaps if Theo showed signs of wanting food earlier maybe I would try just simple fruit and veg purees? Is it ok to do a bit of both? Or to try a bit of baby porridge? Or is it ok to try and give them chunks of food a bit early? Say mushy bits of banana and let them try to feed themselves that? So many questions! If anyone has any interesting pieces of advice or information please send them over!

I'm also keen to carry on feeding as long as possible, because I really enjoy breast feeding, and it's easy and very convenient and free!Not really sure what else to say on the matter, I need to do a lot more reading into each side.

oh dear oh dear

re-posting this because of the shocking behavior of an establishment!

Hope you get somewhere with this all Sally!

08 June 2011

party time!

Hello, sorry for the late update, but we have been away for the weekend, for my sisters 30th birthday,  as previously mentioned!

Unfortunately I've been a bit ill since we got back, so haven't been up to updating.

But I had a lovely weekend, we drove down to Herne Bay on Saturday night, which Theo again didn't really seem to enjoy, but we got there in the end, only to be met by gale force winds! The plan for the party was to have a beach bbq (as my sister lives right on the sea front) so this didn't really bode that well! Theo went to sleep really well, about 10.30 and slept right through until 5, which is amazing for him! He had a feed then went back to sleep until about 8.30, so I pretty much had a full nights sleep! First time since he was born! My sisters house was filled with kittens, including our newest member to the family, Alma. (the bottom two photos!)

She has settled in very nicely indeed, still a bit unsure of Theo, and we have to keep her from stepping on him. But she is really friendly, cuddly and playful!

Anyway Sunday arrived and the weather was awful! Rain was forecast all day and it was still really windy! But we just had to have the party indoors, which was fine, just a bit busy. They still did the BBq, just ferried the food inside. Lots of my family came, which was really nice as I haven't seen lots of them in ages, and more importantly they hadn't seen Theo. It's weird to imagine how he must seem to them, and how much he must have grown! He was cuddled lots, but got a bit over whelmed by it all I think! As did I. Ever since being pregnant I get really easily over whelmed and can't really deal with being around lots of people. I don't know why, but sometimes I just need to run away and have a bit of a break, so taking Theo away is a pretty good excuse!

Anyway back to the party! My mum gave my sister a suitcase filled with 30 presents, lots of which she had made. It was really lovely. She said some really nice things about her in a little speech, and about all of us (daughters) it was very touching. I definitely have a different relationship with my mum since going through the pregnancy, and having the baby. I can see things from her perspective a lot more, and have such respect for her! Also she's very funny!

Anyway, we went for a walk along the seafront in the evening for a bit of fresh air, and a play in the arcades!

The next day we just hung out with my sister and then drove home. It was really nice to have a weekend away with Rob, and for Rob to be with my family again! I always feel a lot more comfortable and secure when Rob is around and we do things together, but mainly I just really enjoy spending time with him out and about! On this note we are going to visit my other sister in Barcelona at the end of the month, which we are so excited about! I really need a holiday! We had to quickly apply for Theo's passport, which luckily only took about 10 days, and we received it yesterday! It's so unbelievably

Right I'd better go, off to the doctors! Sorry for the quick post, but I had a lovely weekend away, seeing my family. It's always nice to have a break from home. But very nice to come back to our lovely little flat, and our quiet life! Plus we have a little kitty now, so our home feels complete!

oh and p.s here's a sweet little video of Theo giggling!

04 June 2011


So there have been things playing on my mind recently and getting me a bit worried ( you know how I love to worry). The main thing is the situation with going back to work.

I still technically have my job at pumpkin patch, but I'm on a zero hour contract. There is a new manager there now, and lots of the people I worked with have gone. I went in to speak with him the other day, and he told me it is not guaranteed that I will be able to have any hours when my maternity leave finishes in September. I will have to check back about a month before to see if there are any hours for me. Because even though I'm technically on Maternity leave there aren't any hours saved for me coming back.

Because Rob and I are on working tax credits I need to go back to work when my maternity leave runs out, and if we want to get help with child care I need to be working at least 16 hours, something which I definitely won't be able to get straight away from my old job. But even if a month before I was due to go back the manager said that there was 16 hours for me to have, I wouldn't be able to do it, because I wouldn't be able to find a nursery place for Theo in such short notice. I would have probably had to of found him a place a few months ago for starting in September.

So I'm probably just going to have to go back for whatever they can offer me, which will most likely be about 4 or 8 hours I'm guessing, meaning I can't put Theo in nursery, even if I did find a place because we can't afford to without the help, and it would be pointless working only to pay more in nursery fees. So when my maternity pay runs out, we are going to have a lot less money because I won't be working the same amount to match my maternity pay.

It's a horrid situation, and I really don't know what to do about it, as it's all out of my control.

My other option is to find another job, but I can't do that because I won't know what days I will be able to work, because I would have to go by what days a nursery had available. And once again I can't find a nursery for Theo without having a job or the hours to get the help. So a complete catch 22. Bugger.

If anyone would like to offer me a job for sometime after September, working 16 or more hours, and could let me know now, that would be great! Or just pay me to stay home...thanks!

But anyway here's a nice photo of myself and Theo, because there really aren't enough photos of us together...

p.s I'm also terrified of putting Theo into nursery! I can't imagine not spending every day with my sweet, funny, smiling little boy!

01 June 2011

New tricks

Wowzers, so once again I've been slacker than slack at blogging...I really honestly don't know where the time goes..can't beleive its Wednesday again already.

So this week Theo has learnt some new tricks! He has learnt to stand, grab his feet and be a lot more stable when sitting, even managing to sit unaided for a tiny tiny little bit before he topples over. It's very sweet to see!

I went to visit my dearest Mumma at the weekend, as it's been a while since I've been up there, and fancied getting away for the weekend. Theo HATED the journey there, and me being incredibly stupid, decided to travel on the Friday, the beginning of the bank holiday weekend. Needless to say we got stuck in lots of traffic. The journey ended up taking about twice the length of time it normally does, which resulted in one very upset baby and one very stressed out tired mama. But it was nice to finally get there! But everytime I do the journey it just makes me wish my family live closer!

I didn't take a cot with me or anything, so Theo enjoyed a whole weekend solely sleeping in the bed with me, what a lucky boy! His sleeping has gotten so much better, with him falling asleep by himself about 8-9 then sleeping til 2, then waking for a change at 5 and then going back until about 8. I'm quite happy with this, as it seems as though I get a good nights sleep and so does he! Hooray!


We had a really nice weekend. On Saturday we went to the farm shop where I used to work, and briefly showed Theo to the owner, who was very glad to see him. We then went to the glorious town of Boston, for a little bit of shopping. I needed some new jeans, so went on a little search. I managed to find some discounted designer jeans (a good discount!) and without looking at the size, squeezed them on in the changing room. They fit me (snugly) so I bought them. Can't turn down a bargain! Anyway when I got home I looked and realised they were a size 10! Me in a size 10, surely not?

Anyway, on Sunday we went to visit Andy's daughter, which was brief but nice. But once again Theo hated the car journey. He's got a bit of a cold at the moment, so perhaps he wasn't feeling too well. Hopefully he is on the mend now. On Monday we had a lazy day inside, and looked at photo albums of my sisters as babies, and us a a young family. It's so strange to see the likeness between my sisters and Theo and myself!

So Rob had the day off today, so we went to buy stuff for our new arrival to the family, our little kitten, coming home with us next weekend, when we visit my sister for her birthday, so exciting! Theo also had a good look at all the fisheys!

So this weekend we are off to my sisters, and will see lots of my family, which I'm excited about.

That's about all for now! Sorry once again for the lack of posting, but I do appreciate all my readers! Thanks!
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