25 May 2011


hello, so after my mini paranoia last week I feel a little bit better! After some very helpful comments and advice (thanks again!) and talking to friends and family I feel a lot more confident in what we are doing.

Since Theo has been born I guess we have just gone with our instincts on how we should care for him, which is I guess what they are there for! Because really that is a pretty good thing to go by, it's what is in built in us, and what comes most naturally. I have realised that every baby and parent are completely different, so how can one method be right? Since I have started to relax, things  have become a bit easier. I think since I'm not so stressed about Theo's bedtime, and not 'making' him go to sleep when I think he should, but rather when he is ready, means that bedtime is a bit better. The last few nights he has even fed, but not til he is asleep, then after a bit of wriggling and chattering has fallen asleep by himself, which for me is a major improvement!

We had a little bit of a worry on Sunday though. He wasn't feeding properly at all, all day, and definitely didn't eat nearly enough. His poo's (sorry!) also changed and had been a bit runny in the mornings for a few days. He also was more grizzly and moaning than usual, so when Rob got home from work, I rang up NHS direct to get some information. I then got put through to a nurse, who then wanted us to go and see the out of hours GP. I was becoming quite quietly worried, but didn't really want to get upset before we knew what the problem was. So at 9pm we were sitting in the hospital waiting to be seen. Not the ideal way to spend a Sunday evening.

I knew that we were doing the right thing by taking him just to check him out, and he still seemed to be himself most of the time that I wasn't super worried, but at the same time it isn't nice to think that there might be something wrong, however serious or menial. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him, and put it down to perhaps just an off day, or a start of a cold. The next day he fed ok, and has been fine since, with no sign of a cold, so hopefully he was just having a bad day of teething.

The teething is still going strong, hopefully we will see some little teeth soon! He has been really flushed in the cheeks these last two days again, and going manic over putting things in his mouth. Everything he touches is covered in dribble...lovely!

We had a nice day on Saturday, and spent the morning lazing in bed, as Rob had the day off. We then headed into town to Stokes Croft festival, which was good, but by the end was so stupidly busy, that we just got tired out and went home. But it was good to be around lots of people, but mainly nice just to be out with Rob on the weekend. I wish he had more Saturdays off! There were tons of babies and families about, and it felt really nice to be one of those families, and part of that club! 

Anyway the sleeping has been going a bit better, with naps in the day! Albeit in the most random places and positions... and he is his happy smiling self all the time too. Oh yeh almost forgot, he rolled over properly from his back to belly the other day! He looked so proud of himself! Also he has learnt to stand properly, with support obvs, but he locks his legs and is pretty steady! How very exciting, but scary at how fast he is growing up...

So that's about all for now! Adios...

21 May 2011

A particularly bad week

so, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my absence, and for not being in contact with dear family and friends. I long to call some friends who I would really love to talk to, and see what is happening in their lives, but at the moment things are so hectic and stressful, and so so tiring that I actually haven't had a spare moment.

The main reason for this is Theo's sleeping habits. He has just gone from bad to worse, and that has in resulted in tow very tired parents. Last night he didn't get to sleep until 1, only after Rob walked him round for hours. Luckily he slept in his own bed for five and a half hours, which is good for him, so last night was sort of the best night we've had so far. He's been sleeping in the big bed more and more recently, as it seems like the easiest option to get some sleep. But I think he is getting wise to this, as he just kicks up a fuss when he goes in his own bed, and is happy and quiet in the main bed. We did so well before of getting him out of the main bed, and now I feel like it's slipping back. It does feel as we are living with a newborn again. I'm hoping it is all to do with teething, and as soon as those little pearly whites appear, things will get back to normal.

I had another crisis of confidence over my parenting skills. I get emails from various baby development centers, telling you what your baby could be doing by now. Lots of them are going on about sleep routines and sleep training, and how the baby should be sleeping. I try and try to do the same routine every evening for Theo, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I also feel bad that we didn't try and implement something from the beginning. I constantly questioned what approach to take, and never stuck to one, and therefore nothing has ever worked.

I was talking to a friend of mine, who has a 5 month old baby, and he has trouble getting to sleep at night too, and she never really tried any one approach to sleep training. Both of our babies were unplanned, and we both have had the same sort of experiences and feelings about things of this nature.

I feel that because Theo was unplanned, I spent most of my pregnancy getting around the idea that in a very short time my life was about to change forever, and there would be this little person in it, who would be dependent on me for everything. This is quite a big thing to adjust to, and I know that people who planned their babies still go through this, but it seems as though perhaps they are more prepared for it, and perhaps more accepting of it, because that's what they wanted in the first place. So my point is, is that I personally spent most of my pregnancy thinking and adjusting to that fact, without even beginning to think of the best way to do things when he actually arrived. I didn't do any reading of how to do things when they are here, and of all the different approaches and opinions about what is best for your baby. It sounds stupid but it didn't even occur to me that there could be lots of different ways to do things. And for us we have just sort of gone along with whatever happened, and just tried to deal with the situation at hand, instead of planning on which approach we would take to look after our baby. I don't know whether this makes me a bad parent or not, and whether I'm doing the wrong things for Theo.

But for now I am trying my hardest to do what is best for Theo, and hopefully things will get easier.

Right, that's all for now!

19 May 2011


oh deary deary me, it's been over a week since I last posted. I'm sorry.

It has been such a busy week, mainly because I started going to more classes, and staying out all day, then coming home and doing Theo's routine. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do all of that and blog at the same time, sadly enough.
Everything in the flat is lovely, and really feels like home already. I'm looking forward to having the garden sorted, and when the weather stops being so bloody changeable, and hopefully gets warm again, we can start hanging out there. but so far it's been nice just spending time here and getting used to it as a family!

Right so since last Wednesday I started going to baby massage, a free rhyme time class and a sort of baby sensory/singing class. As well as meet ups with friends. It is certainly keeping me on my toes. Theo seems to enjoy the singing classes, I'm glad I waited until he was a bit older, because I don't think he would have appreciated it as much then. Now he smiles and seems to at least know what is going on a little bit!

The baby massage is a four week free course run by the council, which I think is really good that they provide that. He enjoyed it for a while, but I think was getting hungry by the end, so got a bit upset. You are supposed to feed them at least half an hour before, which I did, but on the way down an ambulance went by and made him jump, then he was sick everywhere, so I had to start all over again with the feeding, and don't think I fed him enough. I got really worried about him being sick all the time. It is ALOT of sick, proper projectile when he is, and he does it quite often. It's not after every feed, but happens when he gets upset, or if I think he has a bit of trapped wind. So much comes out though. I went to the baby clinic on Tuesday to ask the health visitors about it, and to get him weighed. He now weighs 16lbs 6, and is just over the 75th percentile, so he hasn't lost weight at all, in fact has grown quite a bit! So the sick doesn't seem to be affecting that. But it is still worrying when suddenly he is violently sick and so much milk and water comes up.

He is also been really unsettled at night, probably because of the teething, this week it has felt a bit like we have a newborn again, because he is up for a good portion in the night, and won't settle back down. I have taken to having him in the bed again, for most of the night, which I really didn't want to get back into the habit of. He goes to sleep in his own bed, but when he wakes up for his feed, he often won't settle back into it. He is chewing on everything, including my fingers. I bought some homeopathic teething crystals that are supposed to be really good for them, but the first time we tried them it made him throw up everywhere. This also happened today, after I gave them to him. I was on my way to the baby massage course, but had to miss it because I didn't have time to feed him again, and he would have been upset. I'm gutted I missed the session though. But anyway I gave him the crystals last night and he seemed fine with them. So perhaps it only makes him sick if he's had a feed not long before.

This week we also went shopping to Mamas and Papas to spend our voucher! On some good advice (thanks Janet!) we invested in a snug, so Theo can sit up and watch us around the flat. It's supposed to help their posture too. He likes it, but only for a little while, then he starts leaning over to one side.

So I can't think if there was anything else I was going to write. There is probably tons that I have forgotten, but for now, my brain is tired, my body is tired, I'm tired, and Theo needs his bath. So I will leave it there. I will try not and leave it so long in between posts next time, because I know you all need to read my blog to be able to survive, so Soz!

Oh yeh one more picture, Theo has started to wear his 3-6 month clothes now, and I'm so excited because it's a whole new wardrobe, and a whole new range of outfit possibilities!

11 May 2011


So we did it, we moved! And actually managed to get the internet sorted really quickly, unlike last time when we were without it for about a month.

This week has flown by, because we have been busy busy busy! On Monday we moved flats. We moved 4 doors down the road to the bigger, brighter, bathroomed, second bedroomed and gardened flat. Our last day didn't really seem like our last day at all, as my Mum and Andy came down to help us pack. It took all day to sort and clean everything, and I couldn't have done it without their help! It's a bit shameful how dusty and dirty our flat was when we started moving everything about, but since the arrival of the bebe there has been little time to do a deep spring clean, so we only ever manage to do the basics. Which is why I am glad we have moved when we did, we had a proper chance to sort things out, and throw useless crap that we had been hoarding away.

On Sunday night I went out for a few drinks with my old work friends. Luckily Theo went down at 8.30 and stayed asleep the whole time until I got home, which was great. I will do another post about the work situation soon, because there is too much to go into now, but it was nice but sad at the same time to go for drinks, because it has all changed where I used to work, and most people have left or are leaving. I still have my job there, but now I'm not to sure whether I want to go back or not.

Anyway, so Monday finally rolled around and we had so much to do! Rob's grandparents and mum came over to help us move and to take care of Theo whilst I was busy moving, which was such a great help too. Andy and my Mum were here too so we had a lot of help and managed to move quite efficiently. Rob's friend from work also came over to help. I think we started about 11 and had moved everything by 3, which is pretty good going. There were stops for sandwiches, feeding the bebe and tea. It felt a lot better to get everything in the flat, and as soon as we were in it started to feel like home. I do miss the old flat a bit, but it was time to go! Here at least we know we can stay for at least a year, whereas in the old flat we always knew we would have to move soon, so we weren't as settled I guess.

Things have moved pretty fast in the last year! I can't believe we are in our second flat as a couple, and now as a family! I think Rob and I must have set the tone for how things were going to go when we got pregnant...hah! But now that Rob is in a better job and we have moved to somewhere we can stay for a good while, things will hopefully be a bit smoother and steadier. It's going to be good to have some stability in our lives. The only thing I need to sort out now is me going back to work and potentially putting Theo into nursery.

So here are some photos of the new flat:

I will take some more soon! But it already feels pretty cosy and homely!

So in dear Theo related news, he is still going through teething by the looks of things, and his gums have gotten really hard. He is properly chomping down on my fingers. This evening I was giving him a bath and he did a real proper little giggle for me. Everytime I think he laughs the next time he does it, it is even more of a laugh, so that the last one didn't seem real. But they are definitely coming out and getting better! Hooray!


This week was a little bit tough as we had a few comments of facebook about our financial situation, and what we spend our money on. I'm not going to discuss much of our situation on here, because it is private, and should be kept private. But all I will say is, like I said before, since Rob has this new job, that is stable and the hours he is working are regular, we have a much better understanding of where we stand with money each month, and what we can and can't afford. Since Theo has been born we have been claiming working tax credits and child tax credits, because we are on a lower income, but both still technically working. Anyone with a child can claim child tax credits, if your income is low enough, for a bit of extra help. We can claim working tax credits because we have both been working, but still didn't earn that much. This also means that I have to go back to work as soon as my maternity leave is up. We are claiming these things from the government because of our unexpected changes in circumstances after University, ie, having a baby. Hopefully soon we will be able to stop claiming and just live off earnings, and start saving, but for now that just isn't an option. So anyway, anything we do buy for ourselves comes out of the money Rob is earning, and the rest of the help we get goes on rent, bills and baby stuff. I don't know why I should even be trying to justify things, but I hate being accused of things when they don't know all the facts, or our situation properly.

Anyway, enough of all that! This week has been a good week! I'm happy, we're happy. Baby is happy.

06 May 2011


Whoops, just realised that I haven't posted since Sunday, I really don't know where this week has gone at all...

So we found out yesterday that all is ok to move on Monday, so we have been attempting to pack up today. Rob has been doing most of it, as I have to entertain/feed the babe. We have sort of run out of boxes too, so can't really do much more. I am really excited about moving, mainly because I feel like we need a spring clean anyway, because with the baby arriving we have accumulated to much stuff that has just been shoved into corners without a chance to sort anything out. Also it's going to be so nice to have that extra bedroom to put most of Theo's things in, because let's face it, he has more stuff than us already! I'm looking forward to having a bath, a gas cooker, sitting in the garden, getting our kitten, putting up pictures and shelves (we couldn't in this flat) and having something nicer to look at out of our windows. But I am sad to leave our flat, because it means a lot to me. It was the first place Rob and I moved to together, our first home. It was our first step towards independence and being 'grown ups'. I went into labour here, and this was Theo's first home. So that's a whole lot of big firsts that I won't easily forget. I have really enjoyed living here and already have fond memories! So farewell our lovely little flat, I shall not forget you.


Some good news is that I got a response from the letter I wrote to Mama's and Papas complaining about the customer service, and they gave us a £50 gift card, result!

I'm pleased we got something out of it, because it was terrible and had me going on about it for weeks after it happened...So now I just have to think of what we need, which I think will be a travel cot of some sort...


So I'm not really sure what I did this week, it's gone ridiculously fast! Oh yeh, so on bank holiday Monday I went to Redland fair, just up the road from me. It was a really nice day again, and I went with my friend Clare and her husband. It was so busy when we got there though that we could barely push our prams around or look at the stalls, so we just got some lunch and sat on the floor soaking up the atmosphere.

It was a really nice day!

On Tuesday I went for a walk with my friend Jess, who has been away for 6 or 7 weeks, so it was really lovely to catch up and see how much her baby Ollie has changed!

On Thursday I took Theo swimming for the first time with my friend Sara and here bebe Jacob. After a bit of confusion over timetables we eventually got to the pool and got Theo undressed, we got into the pool and he was fine! He was even sort of smiling...he kicked around and I whizzed him through the water and bounced him around and he seemed fairly happy, which I'm really pleased about. I didn't have the guts to put him under, but maybe next time. After about 15 minutes he got a bit whiney, so we got out, then he started to scream because he was pretty hungry, I managed to get him and myself dressed in about 5 mins, super quick! I then had to rush over to the doctors to get his second lot of jabs. Once again he was smiling away at the nurse, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. He cried a little after the jabs, but nothing that a cuddle didn't solve, and has been ok since, which is a relief!

I think he also might be starting to teethe, because he has flushed cheeks, is dribbling lots, put EVERYTHING in his mouth, and has started to chomp down on my fingers. It doesn't seem to be hurting him too much, yet. He has been giggling so much more this week as well, and we can make it happen now by playing with him, it's so lovely! He really is a sweet happy baby!

I took some photos of him after his bath the other night, when he was having some 'tummy time'. I love them, as these are my favourite faces ...

He is getting cuter and cuter as he gets older! 14 weeks now!

So that's about all for now, might be a bit quiet again for a bit as we move and get sorted, so hang in there!

01 May 2011

The perfect sunday x 2

Just a quick post about my day today...it hasn't been too eventful, but has been lovely.

For the past week Theo has been really unsettled at night, a result of a little cold and possibly a growth spurt, but he has been waking lots more than usual and not going back to sleep, which for me means not much sleep at all! I was reminded of what it was like when he was a newborn...But last night he slept really well again, only waking once, and then going straight back down again after his feed. He then woke up again at 7 in the morning and was all smiley and chatty. Rob had the day off today (at last!) so he got up with him at 8 and took him into the living room and played and read to him, which means I could have a lie in! Yes a lie in, the first for a very very long time, probably since he was born. Rob then put on the new Beastie boys album and danced around with Theo on his shoulder, who eventually fell asleep. He then managed to put him in his crib where he slept for quit a while. This is the first time Theo has gone down for a nap in the day, which was amazing.

So a good morning altogether. We managed to do housework and went out food shopping, which Theo slept through also! It's just been a nice relaxing day, and we ate nice food, and spent some good quality time together. Theo has also been in a really good mood all day which makes it a lot easier...I wish Rob was off all the time!

It's really sweet because you can see that he is really starting to know our faces, and reacts with so many smiles whenever he sees us. Every time Rob walks into the room Theo starts beaming at him...it's really lovely!

That's all for now, I just wish more days were like this! I have a nice week planned, seeing friends, and then my mum is coming for the weekend to help us move! Can't believe we only have a week left in this flat, that makes me sad.

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