28 November 2010

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Oh dear I feel terrible, I hate neglecting the blog like this! But hang in there, I will be back soon, hopefully with proper updates and photos soon!

Currently I'm in London, where last night I attended a gig with my dearest oldest friends, for a good old meet up!

The gig was Wildbirds and Peacedrums, a husband and wife who play drums, a steel drum other percussion and wifey has an amazing voice. Also they had a choir to sing with them. The best part, well not the best part because the music was amazing, but another good thing was that it was in a church, in the middle of London, at Union Chapel in Islington. 

Afterwards we went for a drink and it was lovely to have a catch up with my friends, most of them who I hadn't seen since Greenman. It's strange to think that we are all adults, well at least pretending to be adults by living in flats with boyfriends and having jobs, and well having babies. Sometimes it doesn't seem as though we have changed at all, and I don't think we have in terms of how we get on as friends and as people, just our circumstances have changed. But I like this, I like how whatever is going on in our lives, and where ever we are living, we can still meet up and things will be the same as the ever were. It's a comforting feeling! I only wish that we all lived closer together! But going to gigs like this and meeting up is a really special thing to do! 

So anyway not much else to say really! I think I finish work next week, then its maternity leave for me!

Hopefully we will have internet in the flat by next week!

25 November 2010

Alive alive

Hi i am still alive! But we still don't have the internet at home!

Things have been going really well though, and we feel fully settled in the new flat. Things between Rob and see seem to be better than ever, and we are both really enjoying living together.

I keep on going between the two polar opposites of emotions about the baby. On one hand I really REALLY want him to come out so I can meet him, and other people can too, but I also feel really sad that there is only 8 weeks left of me and Rob being together just as a couple. I wish that we had known eachother for longer, and could have more time together just us, because I really love the relationship and feel its going to change. Not that the change is going to be bad, but just different, and I feel I just want a bit of a break from being pregnant and the baby being there, just to enjoy time together. But alas this is not possible, and this is the decision we made!

Anyway, I was going to upload some photos from a lovely walk we took on the Bristol Downs, but my computer is being silly, so I can't. But soon!

I'm getting excited for Christmas now, and being around my family! It's getting bloody cold too!

Right I'm going to leave it at that because I'm hungry and want to go home and make dinner!

20 November 2010

There's no place like home

Hello! I'm back from the depths of an internet-less world, well briefly, as I'm in a bar using the internet there. Still none at home.

As for that, 'home', I feel like it is home, still getting used to it, but I love it, and feel unbelievably comfortable and happy there.

So we moved on Thursday, and all went really well. We had help from Rob's workmate for all the heavy lifting manly stuff, and the great help of a van/car from a friend on Rob's mum. Both helpers were greatly appreciated, and without them we wouldn't have managed to move all in one day!

I think I went into over drive and managed to unpack most things on Thursday. We were still minus a bed and a sofa, so we made a camp in the living room out of silly airbeds. We also treated ourselves to a take away from an Indian place just round the corner. It was lovely walking out after we had unpacked lots of things, and thinking this is where we now live.

So after a pretty rubbish nights sleep, even though we did go to bed about half 9 - 10 because we were so tired, we woke up in our new flat. It was such a lovely feeling! Making breakfast in my own kitchen and having a shower and getting dressed all felt like special occasions because I knew this space is all mine and only mine! (Well Rob's too)

It felt quite momentous when we were moving, like we were physically taking this next step into our future, and feeling like a real grown up, ready for this next stage.

It has been quite lovely just making the place nice and going shopping and just being there with Rob.

I really must take some photographs of it all sort out now, as we got the bed and the sofa bed delivered on Friday. Last night I was so excited to go to sleep in our new (massive) bed!

I know that we will just get used to living there and being by ourselves when the baby arrives, which is only 9 weeks away. My god it's all happening so quickly! But I am looking forward to it more and more, especially feeling a bit more settled now.

So everything is pretty good! I'm nesting away like a good women should!

That's all for now as I have been in this bar for a fair amount of time now! I'll be back in a few days I imagine, with more photos hopefully!

16 November 2010

Birth plans

Oh dear, it's been a while again hasn't it?

So we are moving in 2 days! Only two days! I can't believe how quickly it has come around! We haven't even started packing anything, well Rob packed a few dvd's this morning, but then we realised that we didn't actually have any boxes, so that kind of put a stop to our progress..


We've had a few ups and downs recently regarding money worries, mainly a few bad nights sleeps, and a conversation gone wrong, but hopefully things will all be ok. The main problem is, is that because I am not working full time, I do not have the money to cover my share of the rent and deposit, plus all the other things we have had to buy or will be buying. This means that it's fallen on Rob (as well as my parents) to help me out with the rest. Even though this is the reality of the situation, sometimes I guess it's hard to adjust to the change, and to accept that that's the way it's going to be for the meantime, but hopefully not forever. I need to be a bit more sympathetic sometimes towards these feelings of change, because it's hard when things don't turn out how you thought they would.


Other than this I went to my midwife appointment today, everything is ok still, just had to have more blood taken because of my slightly low platelets. I discussed a sort of birthing plan with them, because as of yet I hadn't talked to anyone about it. I was thinking that because the new flat doesn't have a bath, that perhaps I would try and borrow a birthing pool from someone, for early labour. This is because I've heard that being in water through early labour is really soothing and helps with pain relief, and I want this! So I was thinking that if everything was 100% ok with pregnancy and labour, I might as well try and stay at home and have the baby there, in the pool. I know that is quite ambitious for my first birth, but the hospital is always there if things don't go quite according to plan. I haven't planned on getting an epidural or anything, just using gas and air, so it might work out ok! It would be quite exciting to have the baby at home!

Also recently I have been experiencing more aches and pains in my body, particularly in my bum, on the left side. I spoke to the midwife about it and she says it sounds like sciatica, which is the sciatic nerve in your pelvis, that often plays up during pregnancy. A few people I know have it, and it can get really bad, where you can't move. I really hope it doesn't develop any more, because it's already quite painful when it happens!


So not much else to report on, other than a quick picture of my growing belly

Look at my delightful stretch marks. Bugger Bugger Bugger.

So you might not hear from me in a few days, as we won't have internet connection for a while, but I'll try and update as soon as possible, and document the move! I will probably go and sit in one of the LOVELY cafes around by our new flat and blog from there!

Ciao Darlings!

13 November 2010

Photography and radio two

So today was filled with fun adventures!

This morning I had to go to Wales to collect some prints that were in an exhibition, and whilst at the gallery the exhibition officer gave us a talk on how to approach galleries and what we should be doing, and important things to keep in mind when trying to get exhibitions! It was very useful, and hopefully, sometime in the future, when there is perhaps a little more stability, routine, calmness in my life, I might be able to make some more work and perhaps start getting back into photography and start showing work.

As I was in Wales I thought I would drive over to Hereford, because of the photo festival that is going on there at the moment. Driving in Wales and going on little adventures by myself is most definitely one of my most favourite things to do. I spent a good part of last year, and early this year, doing just that, going on trips for my photography work, and finding myself in some very interesting places. In fact I've been doing that for the past 3 years, and have some pretty interesting experiences! It's nice to think about all the places I went and the people I met, and how I would have never got there had it not been for photography. They are some very good memories, and make good stories!

Anyway, so yes today was a photography day. I needed to go and be inspired again, and that I was. I went to two exhibitions in Hereford, and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I have been thinking a lot recently about starting to do a project again, and this helped me think of more ways to do it.

As you all know I have been obsessed with finding a place for us to live, so I can make it my own home. I have had this need and longing for a place to be my 'home' for a long long time now. Since before I left for University, all the way through it  and up til now.  In my second year I attempted to do a project around this subject, but my feelings have changed from them, as has my situation.

The idea of having a home and me about to start a family of my own are two things that definitely go hand in hand, and I want to try and document this. I want to start from the beginning, of this well, new beginning. So next week when we move, I'm going to try and start documenting my life, and all the things that happen.

I feel it's important and would love to share this at a later point with my child, as a sort of family history and journey that Rob and I took.

As I have mentioned before I wrote my dissertation on the 'Family Album', the importance of it, what it was and if it still exists today, and above all what it teaches and shows us about our family and society as a whole. I believe it's important to capture all moments of family life, not just the 'happy' moments, or the typical family scenes. That's why I want to start documenting this new stage in our lives, so I can later look back and share it with the baby. This blog has been amazing for that, and I'm looking forward to reading it back in time to come, and remember all the things that happened and what I was feeling!


Anyway that's about all, sorry that was a bit of ramble, but I've got lots of ideas and things going round in my head at the moment! Hooray for feeling inspired!

Also I have been listening to Radio two all day in the car, and I love it on a Saturday!

Happy times!

(oh yeh by the way I'm 30 weeks now, which means only 10 more to go! 10!)

12 November 2010

Bear, rabbit and me

So it's friday night, I'm just hanging out with some friends...new friends...

Rob has gone out to have a boys night with his friends, so I'm entertaining myself with bbc iplayer, 4od and the prospect of a bath! God I lead an exciting life!

 Anyways, this week has flooooown by, I can't believe it's the weekend again! I can't even remember what I've been doing? Not very much..

But today we went to look around the flat again, and the agent gave us a deffo yes that the flat is ours, which is GREAT!

The last people moved out yesterday so we got to see the flat empty, and it looked a lot bigger which is great! It was really good to start imagining where things are going to go and everything! I'm so excited, it's my first proper flat, where the whole flat is mine, and I don't have to share with anyone else, well other than Rob obvs, and I can do exactly what I want, when I want! Oh the joy!

After this we went to Ikea, and spent about 3 hours there. It was quite stressful.With a bit of extra cash that was very gratefully received from Rob's grandparents, we were able to buy a bed and a sofa bed and a bargain shelving unit! So that's us pretty much set for the furniture, as the other stuff we can just get along the way! We also picked up some new friends, as seen above, for the baby. One is a bear, and if we decide not to call the baby Arthur, then this shall be his name. He is about as big as a baby, and is very soft and sweet. The other is his small rabbit friend. I haven't thought of a name.


So not much else to report! We bought a euro millions lottery ticket today, the first lottery ticket I've ever bought, so you know, this time tomorrow I could be writing this to tell you that we're millionaires....could happen?

Next week will hopefully prove to be more entertaining blog wise, what with the move and all, so do keep on visiting, sozza I've been a bit slack with the old posting!

09 November 2010

Housewife in the making

So I have been off work these last few days, after a long and tiring weekend, so I'm glad!

It's strange though, because I know that everyone else is a work I have to plan little things to do, and section up my day with these tasks. Yesterday I went to my swimming class, then afterwards drove to Ikea to look at sofa beds and all the things we might need in the new flat. I didn't buy anything either, which is always good, well other than the obligatory hot dog of course! I then did the rounds of the retail park. I went to Mama's and Papa's, pets at home (to look at the rabbits obvs), boots, Mothercare and Asda home. I had my notebook with me and wrote down prices of things to compare.

It was fun, and I did enjoy being there by myself, but I also felt like a bored housewife, who just goes out to the shops to browse for something to fill her time with. I can imagine myself going out and about with the baby on such excursions. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but after a long time of doing it, I'm sure it could become tedious.

I then came home and did some homework about housing benefits, and phoned the estate agent, and ticked off things I needed to sort out. Later I went to the shops to by something for dinner to cook for Rob when he got home from work. In between this I tidied and watched some 4od.

See what I mean?

And that's not the end of it, today I'm going to the other shopping centre in Bristol, to go and look at nappy prices in John Lewis, and perhaps spend my voucher! I'm actually quite excited about going.

Mainly I think I just want to get out of the house.


Only 8 days until we move into our flat!

And then I want visitors to keep me from going insane...

07 November 2010


This weekend I have been treated to the sound of fireworks in the evening, I have even been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some from the window or when walking home from work up our quiet street.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, and the fact that it has been turned into a whole weekend this year is great! I think it's because it reminds me of being a kid, and I have fond memories of going to firework night as a child. I think we usually just went with my dad, from my memory, and wrapped up really warm. I remember it being the first time in the year when you could wear gloves and a hat, and see your breath. The smell of sparklers and bonfires are still some of my favourite smells, and eating jacket potatoes or hot chestnuts...I remember one year my sister wasn't allowed to go too close to the bonfire because she was wearing a shell suit, and if a spark flew on her she would have set on fire!

I always got excited about going out, and tonight we are going to fireworks just up the road. They will be my first Bristol fireworks, and we are going with some friends. Today has been really cold and clear, so I'm looking forward to putting on my big coat and gloves!

I wonder if peach will be able to appreciate them, or will they just make him jump? We shall see! I hope everyone else had wonderful bonfire nights, whatever you did!

06 November 2010

The shopping list

Yesterday we had another antenatal class. This one was dealing with 'life with a newborn' and a lady came in with her 7 week old baby to answer all of our questions about having a baby. Surprisingly for me, I asked loads of questions, they just kept on coming in to my head. It was really useful actually, and it sort of just made me realise that hopefully you will pick up how to do things along the way, and that no-body has a complete knowledge of how to look after a baby, you just have to learn as you go along. I think the most important thing is just to learn with your baby, and let them teach you in a way how to do things, like when they want to feed, when they are tired, when they need to be entertained, when they need to be changed etc...

One of the main things I have been worried about is what I still need to buy, which is basically everything! I went through the clothes that I have already bought, and realised that I don't really have that many newborn things! I think I just need to get a pack of newborn sleep suits for the first couple of weeks. There are still the main things I need to sort out/buy such as moses basket, cot plus mattresses, pram, milk expressing things...plus all the little extras like cotton wool for cleaning, blankets, muslin cloths, nipple cream...etc etc..there is so much to think about!

But I found this really useful website that has everything set into categories, and a tick list so you can mark off when you get something! Somethings on there are obviously down to personal preference, such as dummies and other things but on the whole it's really useful!

I think that after we settle into the flat, and when I go on maternity leave, we are going to have to get everything sorted and ready. I would ideally like to have things ready before Christmas!

So if anyone else has any other tips on what essentials they have used and what to get or good deals then please let me know!

04 November 2010

Prenancy PreGnancy brain fail..

So hi again! Not really much to talk about again!

Just wanted to start by saying that I feel really bad for Lily Allen, who lost her baby at 6 months. I can't imagine what that would make me feel like. 6 months is a long time to get used to being pregnant and having a baby just starting to wriggle around inside of you. Also as it is the second time she has lost a baby it feels even worse. I definitely take things for granted with my pregnancy, that everything is ok. I hope that everything continues to be ok, and after its born, but its scary to think how quickly things can change, however used to the idea you are.


As for me I haven't been up to much, other than day dreaming about moving into our flat, which is happening two weeks today! We are going to look at the flat again next week, and see it empty, which will make it easier to decide where everything is going to go. We still need to find a bed and a sofa bed from somewhere! Andy is coming down tomorrow from my mums with things for the new flat. It's not quite official yet that it's definitely ours, but the other day we drove past it, and the sign had changed to 'let agreed' and it says let on the website, so hopefully it's all going to go through ok!

I just keep on getting so excited about being there. Being able to cook in the kitchen and have the living room to hang out in after dinner. Getting up in the morning and just being quiet in the house with no-one else there. I'm looking forward to getting back to the flat after I have been out and knowing that no-one else will be there, and I have complete freedom to do whatever I like! Also being able to have friends and family round and being cosy and homely! eeeeee! I want these two weeks to go quickly!


Other than this I have had a good social week. Yesterday my friend Jess from uni was in Bristol for the day, so I went to meet her. We wandered around the Bristol museum, then went to get milkshakes from this American diner type place!

In the evening I went to yoga as usual, and started speaking to this girl afterwards. The week before I had been speaking to this other girl, and I think I thought that the girl this week was the same girl, because they look really similar, and the girl from the week before was not there (I think?) Basically I'm really confused. But I was being friendly and smiley because I thought it was the first girl, so I must have seemed a bit keen! So after talking to her for a bit I realised that it wasn't the girl I thought it was ( I think) but someone new, but I couldn't ask her because if it was the original girl because it would look weird if I thought she was someone else, and if it is a new girl then it would be obvious I thought she was someone else. aaaaah stupid pregnancy brain messing everything up! I think its because I go to swimming, yoga, antenatal and work in a baby shop, that I see lots of pregnant women and I can't remember where I speak or meet people.

But anyway regardless of whether it is the original girl or a new one, she was really nice!(As was the original girl) She is nearly 25 and in the same position as me. Being the first one out of her friends to have a baby, not planned, and feeling a bit lost with it all! Plus feeling younger than most people at the yoga class...So we swapped numbers and said that it would be nice to hang out! I'm looking forward to it!

Also today I went for lunch with my friend Jess from the swimming class, and this other women who I befriended at Pumpkin Patch. The Other women, Helen, and I got talking about not really knowing many people here. She has a 4 year old son, but when he is at nursery, she finds it hard not knowing people and having things to do. So I gave her my number and said that if she ever wanted to do anything to let me know. So when Jess and I arranged to meet for lunch I invited Helen along too. It was really nice, we sat and chatted for about and hour, a proper mothers meeting! Who knew you could while away so many hours sat chatting in a cafe!

So a very social week indeed. Also tomorrow Rob and I are going to go for coffee with his friend who is pregnant, she is due next week! She is Rob's age and a friend from school I think! So that should be interesting!


Anyway I'm 29 weeks today, so I thought I would show you the belly:

look at my wonderful stretch marks...not good! boo hoo...Also my belly button is protruding even further!

We also tried to film the baby kicking, and if you look closely you can see! (about 12 seconds you can see!)


p.s I thought of another name I quite like, and Rob likes it to, and that name is Ethan. What does everyone else think?

02 November 2010


Just thought I would quickly show you my other costume for halloween!

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